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The project supports groups of leading accelerators for delivering cross border services to innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs and links these groups with knowledge creators and education organizations (i.e. mentors, trainers, service providers and partners) on one side and to investors (i.e. business angels, venture capital firms) and the business world (i.e. potential clients, partners and suppliers) on the other.

The objective is to drive innovation, facilitate technology transfer and to support entrepreneurship on a transnational European level to contribute to the exploitation of more innovative products and services coming from European R&D projects and to support the creation of more successful ICT start-ups in Europe.

Consortium Partners

Staff Suggest

Sean Kane F6S  
Elise Nebout Le Camping  
Pedro Rocha Vieira Beta-i  
Carmen Bermejo Tetuan Valley  
Ricardo Marvao Beta-i  
Karel Escobar Sánchez Tetuan Valley  
Mashrukh Talukder E-Unlimited  
Hugo Claessens E-Unlimited  
Youssef Sabbah E-Unlimited  
Aviva Markowicz Le Camping  
Tobias Schoofs Leader  
Marco Cisotto H-Farm  
Julien Nicod Mentor  
Rodrigo Martinez Mentor  
Carlos Silva Mentor  
Philippe Méda Mentor  
Francesco Maio Mentor  
Michaela Wood Mentor  
Benjamin Hardy Mentor  
Richard Caetano Mentor  
Sylvie Daumal Mentor  
Paul Teyssier Mentor  
Guillaume Martin Mentor  
Pablo Valcárcel Mentor  
David Bizer Mentor  
Alejandro Barrera Mentor  
Hristo Odiseev Mentor  
Katelyn Melan Mentor  
Simon Schaefer Mentor  
Timothy O'Connell Mentor  
Nast Marrero Mentor  
Cédric Giorgi Mentor  
Taylor Davidson Mentor  
Mathieu Lhoumeau Mentor  
Cyrille Vincey Mentor  
Nelly Barbault Mentor  
Pascal Bordat Mentor  
Stephan Ramoin Mentor  
Laurent Penou Mentor  
Anton Bernstein Mentor  
Aleksandar Tasev Mentor  
Dimitri Singer Mentor  
Justo Hidalgo Mentor  
Sylvain Zimmer Mentor  
Renaud Visage Mentor  
Pierre Valade Mentor  
Benjamin Servet Mentor  
Jane Applegate Mentor  
Bernino Lind Mentor  
Yann Lechelle Mentor  
Glenn Thomas Mentor  
Georgios Gatos Mentor  
Paul Ford Mentor  
Philipp Moehring Mentor  
Anna Bofill Bert Mentor  
David Bonilla Mentor  
Javier Montaner Mentor  
Bianca Martinelli Mentor  
Irene Cassarino Mentor  
Ricardo Sequerra Mentor  
Diogo Teixeira Mentor  
Diamantino Costa Mentor  
Michele Scian Mentor  
Oriol Juncosa Mentor  
Dragan Antonic Mentor  
Juan Cartagena Mentor  
Gligor Dacevski Mentor  
Stephane Gantchev Mentor  
Scott Witters Mentor  
Abel Muíño Mentor  
Matteo Petrani Mentor  
Nicola Mastrorilli Mentor  
Roxanne Varza Mentor  
Marco Paolini Mentor  
Adi Azaria Mentor  
Sandra Sick Mentor  
Aiste Lehmann Mentor  
Pedro Falcão Mentor  
Eduardo Piedade Mentor  
Carla Pimenta Mentor  
Alexandre Barbosa Mentor  
Leonardo Xavier Mentor  
John Gale Mentor  
Bill Earner Mentor  
Maurizio Rossi Mentor  
German Del Zotto Mentor  
Guillermo Vicandi Mentor  
Cosimo Panetta Mentor  
Israel Gutiérrez Mentor  
Jérôme ROCHE Mentor  
Adriane Thrash Mentor  
Renato Braz Mentor  
Andrea Casadei Mentor  
Emanuel Proença Mentor  
Giorgio Soffiato Mentor  
Alexandre Santos Mentor  
Uri Gonda Mentor  
Alessandro Mininno Mentor  
Riccardo Samiolo Mentor  
Marco Ziero Mentor  
Alessia Ajelli Mentor  
Francesco De Maio Mentor  
Gian Paolo Coppola Mentor  
Luigi Centenaro Mentor  
Monia Morra Mentor  
Francesco Bernardi Mentor  
Andrea Messuti Mentor  
Chiara Bocchi Mentor  

303 Startups Suggest

qunb Le Camping
Babelverse Lisbon Challenge Accelerator Program
Uniplaces Lisbon Challenge Accelerator Program
Lutebox Lisbon Challenge Accelerator Program
123dressme Lisbon Challenge Accelerator Program
Mint Labs Lisbon Challenge Accelerator Program
Whale Street Le Camping Season 3
Webshell Le Camping Season 3
Jellynote Le Camping Season 3
Stormz Le Camping Season 3
Explee Le Camping Season 3
AugmenteDev Le Camping Season 3



Junior Backend Web Developer 4
  • Web Development
  • Django
  • Python
Partnership & Field Marketing - Social & Content Captain @Antlos 12
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Sales Management
  • Partnership Development
  • +2 more
€20–30Kyear    0–3%
Back-end Engineer 6 €25–35Kyear    0.1–1%
UX/Front-end Engineer 8 €25–35Kyear    0.1–1%
Lead Full Stack Engineer 2 $1.5–2Kmonth
Software Developer 4
  • C#


Jean-Sebastien Manuel "great idea"
Salvatore Di Bartolo, WorksApp recommended ATALANTA
Salvatore Di Bartolo, WorksApp "worksApp is an instrument that allows business people from every sector to interact with extraordinary simplicity and speed, it is different from any apparently “similar” product. With worksApp the solution is immediately available, all it takes is a ‘touch’. Contacting professionals of any field requires a long process, first we must look for the professionals that we need, then we must contact them by mail or phone and then…. we must wait for answers before moving on to the next step. worksApp skips all those steps, all we need to do is to send our request, from this moment on worksApp does all the rest, not only does it look for the professional that we need but it also offers us the opportunity to choose among different people having the same profession. Combine the simplicity of whatsApp with a hint of social Facebook and the result will be worksApp ,a comunication tool for working people in every business sector available to every type of user of any age. "