1. In 500 characters, tell us what problem you are trying to solve, why you have a passion to solve it, and why your team is the one to do it. AVOID talking about your idea or proposed solution.


  1. Provide a 1 minute video introducing the founders. Please discuss the passion for the project and why your are the right people to build it.
    Please submit your video as a Tudou or Youku URL if in China, YouTube or Vimeo URL if outside China. Do not password protect your video (you should be able to make it non-public/unlisted so that only directly visiting the URL shows the video).
    Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex. www.youtube.com/foo)
  2. Mobile Number (include country code)
  3. Skype ID
  4. Google Hangout account
  5. How long have all founders worked together as a team.
    This can include time that *all* founders have worked together on a prior project or company.
  6. How many founders are there?
  7. How many developers/engineers are there on the team?
  8. Employees: Not including the founders, how many additional employees are there?
  9. Employees: Please provide any Github URL and LinkedIN URLs for founders
  10. Supply links to anything interesting this team has built in the past
  11. Can all founders attend the entirety of the Chinaccelerator program in person?
      Yes - All Founders will attend   No - We can't all attend
  12. If not all founders can attend the program in full, please explain.

Tell us about the Founders

  1. Select all the applicable prior startup experiences you have had.
  2. If you cannot commit to working fulltime on this startup if accepted, please explain.
  3. Tell us something impressive you have personally built or achieved


  1. What is the URL for your website/demo etc?
  2. What is your product's value proposition?
    Check all that apply
      Not Sure   Electronic Product   Electronic Service   Physical Product   Physical Service   Licensed Technology   Other
  3. Who are your competitors? What differentiates you? Include URLs

History and Financials

  1. What date did you start this company?
    YYYY-MM-DD format please
  2. Are you already incorporated? Where?
      Yes - Incorporated   No - Not Incorporated   Where?
  3. How are you dividing equity amongst founders, and if you have other shareholders how much do they own?
  4. What is the current monthly cash required to pay all founders, employees and expenses (gross burn)?
  5. How much revenue has your startup had in the last month?

Recommendations (Optional)

You can ask someone to provide you a Recommendation(s) to Chinaccelerator Batch Vll. Don’t worry, the person giving your Recommendation will not see any other part of your application.

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