Springboard London 2012
Springboard London 2012
Funds £5,000 per founder
Takes 6% equity
Offers 51  Mentors
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Springboard London begins April 10 2012

Springboard is a mentorship-led accelerator program for startups.

We provide seed capital, office space and – most importantly – that magical ingredient of “smart-community” with mentors and other entrepreneurs.

Springboard comes in the shape of an intensive 13 week programme.

What we’ve learned is that at the heart of Springboard should be the exchange of experience, advice, know-how and counselling provided by over 100 great mentors including experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Alongside this we provide each founder with £5,000 (up to a maximum of three founders per startup). The founders move to Cambridge or London for the 13 week programme where they receive intense mentoring and business support.

Springboard culminates in an Investor Day where the teams get to present to venture capitalists and angel investors.

Staff Suggest

Jessica Williamson Leader  
Jon Bradford Leader  
Matthew Willis Leader  
Alejandro Barrera Mentor  
Alex Parish Mentor  
Alex van Someren Mentor  
Ami Shpiro Mentor  
Andrey Kessel Mentor  
Ben Hall Mentor  
Caroline Howes Mentor  
Chris Chapman Mentor  
Chris Muktar Mentor  
Colin Willis Mentor  
Daniel Waterhouse Mentor  
Doug Scott Mentor  
Douglas Squirrel Mentor  
Ed Daly Mentor  
George Kapetanakis Mentor  
James Brady Mentor  
Jan Moravec Mentor  
Jens Lapinski Mentor  
Jerry Ennis Mentor  
Jim Mann Mentor  
John Lazar Mentor  
Julian Carter Mentor  
Julian Keenaghan Mentor  
Laurence Aderemi Mentor  
Lee Strafford Mentor  
Luigi Matrone Mentor  
Luke Hakes Mentor  
Mark Littlewood Mentor  
Mark Reilly Mentor  
Nate Macleitch Mentor  
Nathan Boublil Mentor  
Neil Davidson Mentor  
Nick Edgar Mentor  
Paul Lancaster Mentor  
Peter Cowley Mentor  
Richard Exley Mentor  
Richard Marsh Mentor  
Richard Taylor Mentor  
Rob van der Linden Mentor  
Robert Simmons Mentor  
Sarah Turner Mentor  
Simon Stevens Mentor  
Sitar Teli Mentor  
Steve Karmeinsky Mentor  
Tacis Gavoyannis Mentor  
Tim Rea Mentor  
Vlad Stan Mentor  
William McQuillan Mentor