1. Please provide a short, concise description of your business


  1. Please provide an email address so we can get in touch with you
  2. Please provide a Skype ID
  3. How many founders does your company have?
  4. How long has the full founding team worked together (both current and past projects)?
  5. Tell us about the founders - a quick background of each, their role in the company, and how they met
  6. How many total team members (founders + employees) does your company have?
  7. How many total team members can locate in London for the full 3-month program?
  8. How many total engineers does your company have?
    Including developers and other technical team members
  9. Has the team built products together before? If so, please describe and provide a URL or video of the product


  1. How long have you been building the product?
  2. If possible show us your product (URL, video, presentation, etc)
  3. What is your most recent product or traction milestone?
  4. What is your current customer adoption? What are your key performance metrics and how are you using these metrics to measure success?
  5. What need (or problem) is being satisfied by your product? How are people currently forced to deal with this problem, and how large is the market potential?
  6. What differentiates what you're building from competitors and how will you sustain your advantage? Include competition names and URL's if possible
  7. How does (or will) your product make money? How have you tested your assumptions about revenues and pricing?


  1. Is your company incorporated?
      Yes - company is incorporated   No - company is not incorporated
  2. If your company is incorporated, where is your company incorporated, when was it incorporated, and what kind of entity is it?
  3. Where do you plan to locate the company after the program?
  4. What is the total amount of external funding the company has raised to date?
    Input ‘0’ if your company has not received funding
  5. What is the equity breakdown of the company including founders, employees, and investors?
    ie. what % of equity does each person and/or entity hold?
  6. How much revenue did the company take in last month?
    Input ‘0’ if your company is not generating revenue
  7. What are the total monthly expenses of the company, including all salaries and other expenses?
  8. Do you plan on raising capital in the future? If so how much and when? Do you have any open dialogues with investors?

A few final questions

  1. Have you previously applied to any other Startupbootcamp programs? If so, please list the program(s)
  2. Have you taken part in a Startupbootcamp Pitch Day? If so, please list the city and date you attended
  3. How did you hear about Startupbootcamp?

Recommendations (Optional)

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