1. Which Startupbootcamp pitch day would you like to apply for?
  2. Briefly describe your startup in 1-2 sentences


  1. Please provide a skype address so we can get in touch with you
  2. How many founders does your company have?
  3. Tell us about the founders - a quick background of each, their role in the company, and how they met
  4. How many total team members (founders + employees) does your company have?
  5. How many total engineers does your company have?
    Including developers and other technical team members


  1. Please tell us about what you're building. What need (or problem) is being satisfied by your product and how large is the market potential?
  2. If possible show us your product (URL, video, presentation, etc)
  3. How long have you been building the product?
  4. What is your most recent product or traction milestone?
  5. What is your current customer adoption?
  6. What differentiates what you're building from competitors and how will you sustain your advantage?


  1. If you have raised external funding, how much has your company taken in to date?
    Input ‘0’ if your company has not received funding
  2. If you had revenue last month, how much did the company take in?
    Input ‘0’ if your company is not generating revenue

A few final questions

  1. Do you plan on applying to any Startupbootcamp programs? If so, which ones?
      Smart City & Living (Amsterdam)   IoT & Big Data (Barcelona)   Startupbootcamp FinTech (London)   Startupbootcamp FinTech (Singapore)   Startupbootcamp Smart Materials (Eindhoven)
  2. How did you hear about Startupbootcamp?