Startup Colorado Community Fund

Denver, Colorado, United States

A fund providing grants to groups supporting the Colorado startup ecosystem

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Welcome to the Startup Colorado Community Fund Grant Application! Grant applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. To be considered for each quarter, you must reapply before the deadline of that quarter. Please note that preference will be given to applicants who have partnered with existing nonprofits (including 501c3s, universities, etc.). We are now accepting applications for Q1 of 2014.

  1. Please be acknowledge the following requirements before you fill out your application. *You must clearly state the “community benefit” of the grant you are seeking. Examples include: education, job creation, self-sufficiency. *All events must be free and open to the public. *Events cannot be for fundraising purposes. *Grants cannot support the ongoing operations of non-charities. *All grant recipients must pledge to stay within these guidelines. *All grant recipients must submit a final report on the use of the funds and an affirmation of their pledge.
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  2. Your Name
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  4. Company/Affiliation
  5. Email Address
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  7. Name of organization/program requesting grant.
  8. Please describe your program or the entity you are seeking funding for
  9. Where will your program operate? Which startup communities will it benefit (i.e., Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, etc.)?
  10. Please describe how your program will enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado.
  11. Clearly state the “community benefit” of the grant you are seeking. Examples include: education, job creation, self-sufficiency.
  12. What is the value of the grant you are seeking from the Startup Colorado Community Fund?
  13. Please provide a basic summary of how the money will be used.
  14. Is this program meant to be a one-off or ongoing event?
  15. If you're program is meant to be ongoing, what longterm ideas do you have for making it self-sustaining?
  16. If your program is meant to be a one-off event, how to you envision it having a longterm impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado?
  17. If you have a document that provides further information, you can upload it here. (Max file size 30MB. Please ensure Flash is working correctly on your browser.)
  18. If you have video you would like to upload to help with the selection process, you may do so here.
    Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex.

If you have questions, please contact us using the form at

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