1. Name (proposed name) of the company and your business idea:

Business Idea:

  1. Your business idea is at the:
      Idea Stage   Conceptualization Stage   Product/Service Development Stage   Operational Stage   Growth/Scaling up Stage
  2. How long have you been working on your business idea?
  3. To which retail area does your business belong to?
      Digital Marketing   Omni-Channel   Mobile   Big Data Analytics   Merchandising and Supply Chain   Others
  4. How would you best describe the retail challenge(s) you want to solve (or the retail industry opportunity you want to address)?
    In 100 words or less, describe the specific challenge(s) that you are addressing through your business idea. Please focus on describing the problem and not your solution.
  5. OK, now that we understand the opportunity, how do you intend to solve this?
    We are intrigued! Please tell us about the solution you have in mind that will best solve the said problem in up to 200 words.
  6. We would love to hear your idea in your own words. Please provide a link to a video of your team describing your business idea (optional).
    Use this video as a creative medium to communicate your passion and vision for your business idea. The video should be up to two minutes long and available on YouTube. Ensure that your video is simple, clean and audible. Please avoid background music, screenshots and images. Focus on the content and not on your video editing skills. A brief but passionate and detailed description of your idea will suffice. The quality of your video does not count in the selection process
    Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex. www.youtube.com/foo)
  7. Who are your (potential) customers, how would you acquire and retain them?
  8. What is your revenue model?
  9. Who are your competitors, if any?
    If you think you have no competitors, who are the closest alternatives, substitutes?
  10. In solving the problem, what do you intend to do differently or better than your competitors?
    Tell us more about your secret sauce.
  11. What would success look like for your business in 3-5 years?
    We would like to know how the world will be benefited if your business idea turns out to be a big success. It’s best to use objective metrics such as customers, market share, revenue etc. to describe the impact of your idea.
  12. Please provide any live resources about your business idea. (Max file size 30MB. Please ensure Flash is working correctly on your browser.)
    Please upload any attachments such as MS Office documents (power point or, business plan) and/or links to demos / prototypes etc.


  1. Please tell us about your team
    Only a great team can successfully execute a terrific business idea. As a guideline, tell us about how long you have known each other, your strengths, blind spots, prior experience, complementary capabilities and roles each one of you would play in the new venture and why this is the best team on planet for your business idea.
  2. Any prior entrepreneurial endeavors
    Provide as much detail as possible. Remember, the journey is more important than the outcome.
  3. Any additional information not covered above.
    Provide any additional information such as awards, publications, ethical hacking adventures etc. that will help us with the selection process

Target Advantage:

  1. How would the Target Accelerator Program help your company achieve its growth objectives?
    Tell us how Target can help your company go to the next level. Also, please describe your expectations from the Target Accelerator Program
  2. How will Target benefit from your business idea?
    Explain how your business idea can support Target’s business growth and differentiation agenda

About your Company:

  1. Type of Company/ Legal Structure:
    If your company has been incorporated, please share brief details about company type (LLC, Private Limited etc), legal structure and the location where the company is registered/ incorporated. Please write ‘NA’ if your company has not been incorporated yet. If you have been funded, please provide details in this section including investments in the company from the founders and the shareholding structure, details of advisory board / mentors if any. Specifically, tell us about how is the equity split between founders/investors.
  2. Contact Information:
    Please provide information such as contact number, address, location, and URL. If your company is on social media such as Twitter, Facebook or other channels. Please provide these details as well.
  3. Do you have a website yet? If yes, please provide the URL
  4. If possible, please attach a cap table. (Max file size 30MB. Please ensure Flash is working correctly on your browser.)

Recommendations (Optional)

You can ask someone to provide you a Recommendation(s) to Target Accelerator Program Ongoing. Don’t worry, the person giving your Recommendation will not see any other part of your application.

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