Tech All Stars

June 10 - 12 8am-11pm
London, United Kingdom

Tech All Stars is THE event of the year for the best EU startups.


Tech All Stars The Best of the Best EU Startups Thank you for applying to Tech All Stars! Before you get started, we have a few criteria for startups applying for Tech All Stars. PLEASE READ THIS INFO CAREFULLY BEFORE FILLING IN THIS APPLICATION. Your startup must meet ALL criteria to be eligible for Tech All Stars. 1) Your startup is a registered business in an EU country. 2) Your startup has raised less than 1,000,000 Euros in external capital. 3) Your startup is less than three years old.

  1. Please check this box to confirm that you're applying to:
      Tech All Stars 2014
  2. Country where your startup is registered
  3. Website URL
  4. In what year was your startup registered?
  5. Name of Contact Person
  6. Email Address
  7. Phone Number (include country code)
  8. Skype ID
  9. Did your startup participate in an *accelerator/incubator or in a **web camp program?
    *Accelerators/incubators are programs that provide startups with mentoring and funding opportunities in exchange for a percentage of equity. Startups must apply and be accepted to accelerators/incubators. ** Web Camps are short programs (often two days) where startups compete for prizes (i.e. Startup Weekend, etc)
      Yes   No
  10. Which accelerator (or web camp program) did your startup participate in?
  11. What year did your startup participate in the accelerator or web camp program?
  12. If your startup participated in a web camp, did you win a prize?
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  13. Briefly introduce the team (names, roles and previous achievements, e.g. previous startups, academic achievements or other). Include Linkedin links if relevant:
  14. Describe your startup in one sentence (“one-line pitch”)
  15. What is the product/service of your startup and what problem are you solving for your customers?
  16. Who are your competitors and what is radically new about your technology or business model compared to existing competitors?
  17. What traction does your startup have (technology developed or launched, IP, patents, employees, customers, users, revenue, profit)?
  18. How is your startup funded (cash flow positive, self funded, investments)?
  19. Please confirm you can participate in the event full time : London on June 10-12, 1-2nd week of July, Italy (exact day still to be confirmed by the European Commission).
  20. Do you have any additional information we should know about?
  21. Please include a two minute video of your product or team. Share the link and the password with us.
    Paste YouTube or Vimeo URL Link (ex.