TechPeaks - 2013 application
TechPeaks - 2013 application
Funds 25k per team
Takes 0% equity
  • Consulting
  • Data & Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Software
  • Software Development
  • Training & Coaching
  • Web
  • Business Planning
  • Data Mining
  • ICT
  • Mentoring
  • Mobile Applications
  • Semantic Web
  • Semantics
  • Technology Development
  • Web Applications
  • Web Development

Hackers, designers, entrepreneurs mixed for 6 months in the Italian Alps.

TechPeaks selects hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, mixing them into a high-pressure 6-month boot camp in the beautiful Italian Alps.
Participants need skills, talent and passion, not only ideas.

They receive free lodging, food, office space, services and visa for 6 months. Teams and ideas can be there from the beginning or form during the accelerator programme.

- Information & Communication Technology and Design
- Both teams & Individuals
- Public funds, NO EQUITY TAKEN!!!!!
- Opportunity for follow on matching funds
- 6 months in the Italian Alps
- Free Housing, food, office, Visa
- International mentors
- Network of research centres and universities

Staff Suggest

Alessandro Ligabò Leader  
Matteo Cevese Leader  
Paolo Lombardi Leader  
Andrea Baldini Leader  

No startups yet Suggest