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Andrew Kingsley
Andrew Kingsley Entrepreneur
Madeline Vu
Maia Maia
Maia Maia From seeds to trees.
Philip M Shearer
Philip M Shearer Co-founder and CTO @The Glass Files * Co-founder @MetaBronx * Founder @scenyc * Drummer @Tramponaline


Felipe Torruella

I have known Steven for about ten years and we have grown very close in that time. We attended the same high school, but decided to go to different colleges while remaining close to home. I have maintained a strong relationship Steven because of his incredible personality. Steven is the kind of person who is willing to do anything at a moment’s notice. Sharing in this great quality is what has driven our friendship. Steven also has a very ambitious mindset, which helps him accomplish anything in his path. He has a heavy workload with his curriculum at Fordham University yet has successfully completed multiple internships without complaining about the time commitments to his best friend. I admire Steven’s eagerness to experience new things and his motivation to set the bar for his peers. It is because of these qualities that I believe Steven will make it far in his career, no matter where it may take him.