We aim to create high quality games and bring them to the mobile market...
We aim to create high quality games and bring them to the mobile market
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Paul DeCarlo

As a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, I have had the pleasure of working with 5th Floor Studios firsthand. In my engagements, Muhammad, Faysal, and Joseph have demonstrated the ability to employ software development practices in an organized manner which results in a polished product. They are an adaptable team with a focus on creating software consumable by the masses. I am very much anticipating their latest production and wish them much success in their endeavors!

Jesus H Co-Founder at Blurb Force

These are some of the most avid and agile students I've seen at the University of Houston; taking on challenging projects, and turning them into feasible sets executable solutions. 5th Floor Studios will go a long way with their entrepreneurial spirits, and passion for programming.

Chang Yun

In a game design, one of most important aspect is talent. At the same time, equally important (or even more essential) one is passion/commitment of each team member. This team, led by Muhammad, has both. Every members of this team deliver solid talents in production, design, art, and/or programming and pour them into the game. Since last September, they spent 2,000+ man-hours to create their game despite the fact that they had additional schoolwork they had to tend. This demonstrated how committed and passionate they are to succeed in producing their game. This team is also actively involved with UH entrepreneurship program (no. 2 undergraduate entrepreneurship in US ranked by Princeton Review) to create the startup indie game company and publish the game in Windows marketplace. I wholeheartedly recommend this team.