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by May 29
Jun 6-Aug 26 • New York City, United States
Funds Startups in B2B/Enterprise, Biotech, Consumer
5% equity
by May 29
May 20-Jun 29 • New York City, United States
To build the bridge between France and the US
by May 29
Aug 8-Nov 30
Crear una startup con base en soluciones transformadoras de alto impacto.
by May 29
Jun 1-Aug 31 • San Francisco, United States
Funds Startups in Venture Capital, Startups
by May 30
Aug 8-Nov 5 • Boulder, United States
Funds 4 Startups per year in Media, Video, Wireless
$120k per team 3% equity
by May 31
Jul 1-Nov 16 • Bangalore, India
Funds Startups in Insurance
by May 30
May 8-30 • Paris, France
How to aggregate, manage and process data?
by May 30
Apr 1-Nov 30 • Athens, Greece
9th Student Competition on Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
by May 30
Aug 7-Nov 11 • Copenhagen, Denmark
Funds 5 Startups per year in Energy & Cleantech, Productivity & CRM, Software Development
$15k per team 0% equity
by May 30
May 31 • Berlin, Germany
Funds Startups in HR Strategy, Jobs & Recruiting, HR Policies
by May 30
Varese, Italy
Reimagine the job industry, for the better
by May 30
May 31 • London, United Kingdom