Abdellah Benhammou

A code addict, technology fan and a startup lover.
Front End Dev • Back End Dev
Casablanca, Morocco
  • Android
  • Cloud Computing
  • Design Patterns
  • Django
  • Git
  • Google App Engine
  • HTML + CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Mobile Applications
  • Python
  • Self-confidence
  • SQL
  • Start-ups
  • Web Applications

Daba • Co-Founder

The missing piece of the Video Sharing Apps Puzzle

I'm In • Co-Founder

Mobile developper @AIRMOTE • Co-Founder

A sexy and smart keychain, that finds your phone and more.

Amazing things Abdellah's made
I have built many android application just for the fun of it.

Daba is a mobile application to share videos of moments around you.
Callnote: app that reminds you what’s important before starting a phone conversation.
Afeen, A Yo! like android application for Moroccans, developed as a Parse exploring project.

Al Akhawayn University


Saad Zabari Employee at sycamar recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

great product ,it's very usefull a remote control of your smartphone or tablet

Kamal Hassan كمال حس President and CEO at Innovation 360 Institute recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

Great team, great product innovation and great business model. what more do you need to invest in iMote?

Kenza Lahlou Co-Founder at StartupYourLife recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

Ali is a very smart, driven and passionate entrepreneur. I highly recommend iMOTE as one of the best Moroccan startups I know. Great product, great team and global market.

Yassine El Kachchani VP Product at Hidden Founders recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

Ali Lakrakbi went from idea/concept to prototype in no time. His focus on execution is outstanding. Definitely has what it takes to take iMote to the next level.
Words from a future iMote customer.

Hicham Oudghiri recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

Ali is an extremely passionate entrepreneur who understands the importance of constant iteration. His research into people's reaction to his product has guided his development process and greatly improved his end product. I am very excited about iMote and am sure Ali will be successful in anything he pursues.

Nezare Chafni CEO at Chui recommended AIRMOTE where Abdellah is Co-Founder

Awesome product with great potential and multiple use cases. Passionate founder that went to extreme lengths to promote his vision and make things happen.