Michael McGinn Advisor at ActivateHub

Lindsay is putting together a great team for a resource that is vitally needed - connecting caring and creative people to causes and activities that matter. Whether arts, civic engagement, or social entrepreneurship, ActivateHub can help energize a city's potential.

Michael 'Luni' Libes CEO at Fledge

The tools of the web make it possible for companies and organizations to widely reach their potential customers via email, social media, and websites. However, none of those tools do a sufficient job when it comes to events, neither for people seeking the right event to attend, nor the organizer seeking the ideal date, ideal venue, and ideal audience.

Activate Hub not only solves this problem, but is one of those simple ideas that seems like it should have been solved back in the late 90's. That should have been included in Netscape 2; in Yahoo, Excite, and Lycos, twenty years later has still not been solved by Google, Facebook, or anyone else.

Activate Hub is one of those startups that so far has created a simple solution to a long standing problem, and with that, and a lot of execution, could in a few years be the next big "overnight success".

Jeff Martens

ActivateHub is a resource that the community needs and wants! The opportunity to bring people together with the causes they care about is huge and the ActivateHub team knows have to go after it.