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Self-driven technology junkie, writer, marketing strategist, a determined entrepreneur committed to unrelenting holistic growth and success.
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New York City, US
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COO @Spotme App • Co-Founder

app to lend and borrow with people in your social networks

Amazing things Adam's made
I organized a fundraiser in Israel in September of 2015. At the time I was employed at a public relations agency whilst studying Talmudic law at Ohr Somayach (an institution for the furtherance of Judaic education). For 3 months I dedicated a significant amount of time towards raising funds and awareness towards technological resources (or lack thereof) at the institution. In just a few months I had organized a committee of 5 members to handle everything from website design to collections to marketing/strategy. We raised over $1,500 USD and supplied the institution with the necessary computer devices for incoming interns. I organized fundraising events, spoke in front of the president and financial board, published an online campaign, and shared the importance of my message in local newspapers. I am proud of what I built during my stay.

University at Buffalo

Psychology Sep 2009 - May 2013


Barry C. Leybovich Product at IPC Systems, Inc. recommended Spotme App where Adam is Co-Founder

I have full faith in Adam and Shlomi in their ability to change social norms and reinvent the peer lending system. In the increasingly sharing economy, individuals still have few controls in one of the largest areas of their lives: their social network. Whilst working with Adam at an e-commerce startup where I was the product manager, I noted that Adam was not just a terrific business development specialist, but that he was very keen in understanding the customer's story and how it interweaves with the use of the product. Adam had a wonderful knack for finding opportunities that helped grow the business - both in customer acquisition and product feature recommendations. Through Adam I met Shlomi, whom I immediately recognized as an incredibly passionate leader. His zealous vision for Spotme convinced me of the long-term opportunities - even where some details still needed to be resolved.
For these reasons, I believe that Team Spotme will successfully change the face of micro-lending.

Jesse Sanford CTO at Savethatname recommended Spotme App where Adam is Co-Founder

Adam, Shlomi and Hayden have a vision and all the talent they need to see it to fruition. After having spent several evenings with them discussing their product it's clear they are passionate about changing the way people lend to their friends, family and peers. Spotme has the potential to shake up the micro-lending industry making it more social and most importantly more responsible. Adam and Shlomi have a boots on the ground style that makes me envy their energy. I have seen them walk out of a meeting and humbly refuse to leave without a recommendation on what next steps they should be taking to get what they need. They are synchronized on their product and it's clear the whole team has high bandwidth communication. These guys are working hard and fast and I believe they will succeed. Looking forward to using Spotme!

Bob Fitterman Business Mentor at Score NYC recommended Spotme App where Adam is Co-Founder

As a mentor, I have had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs. From this perspective I can say that Shlomi and Adam demonstrate many of the characteristics I think are important for success. They have shown an incredible commitment to Spotme and a devoted belief in the service they are building. I have been impressed by their steady progress from a concept to prototypes to running a focus group. I look forward to their launch with a high level of confidence in their abilities.

Carolyn Katz Advisor at Spotme App recommended Spotme App where Adam is Co-Founder

I've worked with startups for twenty years, and Shlomi and Adam have really impressed me. When I first learned about Spotme, I had many questions - as I would of any brand-new concept, but their thoughtfulness, thoroughness and commitment helped me understand the many possibilities of their product. Formalizing loans between friends, acquaintances and family members offers many advantages, but making it a mainstream activity will require sensitivity, persistence and creativity - which Adam and Schlomi have consistently displayed. They're a pleasure to work with, and I learn something every time I talk to them.