Adrien Joly

Adrien Joly

Full-stack Javascript/Node.js/Meteor.js developer, startup maker and bullshit killer. Built Whyd, PlayemJS and co-founded fHACKtory.
Front End Dev • Full Stack Dev
Paris, France
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Engineer @PANOPLY • Employee

Panoply is a clothing rental company. Own your style not your clothes

Dec '15 - Present (5 years 6 months)


Ayni • Advisor

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Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon

Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon

PhD in Computer Science 2007 - 2010

Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology

MSc in IT 2005 - 2006

Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon

Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon

Masters of Science / Engineering Degree in Computer Science / Informatics 2003 - 2006

IUT Aix-en-provence

IUT Aix-en-provence

Bachelor of Science / DUT in Computer Science / Informatics 2001 - 2003

Ortal Amsellem recommended PANOPLY where Adrien is Employee
Employee, PANOPLY

Ingrid and Emmanuelle built thanks to their visionnary mindset and pragmatism a lifetime fantasy for women that is access to endless possibilities to wear everyday. They combine intuition and expertise to deliver an innovative and highly desirable service ,customer -driven and essential for the future of the fashion indsutry.

Valerie Miegeville recommended PANOPLY where Adrien is Employee

Fashion it-clothes will no longer be only a dream ! Innovative, contemporary, sustainable and easy-to-use, I do not doubt that women will welcome Panoply as their new go-to for fashion ! The Luxury and Fashion sector with whom I work everyday is already fascinated and convinced about this new model even before the launch. It’s really really rare so stay tuned !

Pierre-Eric Marchandet recommended PANOPLY where Adrien is Employee
Engineer, PANOPLY

Thanks to its innovative business model along with a state of the arts reactive stack, Panoply aims at broadening the good taste of premium designers and stylists. Made in London and Paris. With love and care.

Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer recommended PANOPLY where Adrien is Employee
Social Media, Decalage.Paris

Panoply will be changing the way fashion works. The concept is very unique and will be a great addition to the fashion business. I am happy to be a part of this project and am looking forward to future developments!

Olivier Rivard-Cohen recommended PANOPLY where Adrien is Employee

Panoply endorses the future of fashion, with a great consideration for ecommerce users habits. Collaborative economy is taking steps over traditional behaviours; Emmanuelle and Ingrid perfectly acknowledged this. Considering their business expertise, Panoply becomes a naturally trust worthy startup, which disruptive profile sounds just like the beginning of a modern empire. From selection to the last kilometer logistics, the girls knitted a new way of apprehending fashion, addressed to super large spectrum target and explosive prospectives.