Ajo Fod

Ajo Fod

The Thinker: I imagine things that are barely possible and work hard to make them possible.
Full Stack Dev
Emeryville, US
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Founder @QuantPrice • Co-Founder

We maximize yield for assets with real time personalized pricing.

Alpha Sangha

Alpha Sangha • Co-Founder

Amazing things Ajo's made
I built a system that predicted equity prices using high frequency tick data.

I soon realized that Amazon and SouthWest Airlines are using similar technology on a much larger scale for a bigger part of the economy. I also realized that smaller companies frequently need to price their products/services correctly and nobody does it for them. It is also done in a manual and time intensive manner when there is a much better way to do pricing.

I've build the system to do algorithmic pricing and I'm in the summer San Francisco Founder Institute class to build a company around it.

Sam Agrawal recommended QuantPrice where Ajo is Co-Founder

I have known Ajo since 1998 when we were studying at USC. Ajo has great career options but he chose to do something creative. He is a determined and passionate business person. He now sees a scalable solution to a commonly occurring problem that he can solve especially well the technology he has developed. He is well respected by his peers and I am confident he can build a great team when the time comes.

Ariana Arredondo recommended QuantPrice where Ajo is Co-Founder

QuantPrice's Ajo Fod solves a classic problem in a new way. In retrospect, one wonders why quantitative pricing tools were previously unavailable to CEOs. Looking ahead, I expect that that QuantPrice will build on its key competency: turbo-boosting the returns that e-commerce can bring, by measuring the demand that is already there. Its tailored approach will benefit any company with a solid product, at any stage in its maturity.

KG Charles-Harris CEO - Building team at Quarrio recommended QuantPrice where Ajo is Co-Founder

Ajo is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent people I've come across in Silicon Valley's startup environment. As a former Wall St. quant and engineer, he has a thorough understanding of technology, economics and advanced math. In addition, he's a sponge with regards to understanding business and constantly solicits advice and information on how to build his business. Ajo is a rare individual with an excellent business idea that is scalable and solves a real need for e-commerce vendors -- how do we increase profitability while selling to more customers? The QuantPrice solution is an elegant, audible and quickly implemented solution to use quantitative methodologies to optimize pricing and sales volume. Most vendors falsely believe that once the price is set, it remains static. However, the best and most profitable e-commerce vendors have understood that pricing must be dynamic depending on a variety of factors, including time of day, other companies' offerings, sales volume, etc.