Akua Blakofe

Akua Blakofe

TV and film Director
Accra, Ghana
A mark with a smile

Director @A mark with a smile • Co-Founder

Media production company producing TV serial content programs for Africa.

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Producer of TV shows

Nana Nketia CEO at Soultown KiNEMA recommended A mark with a smile where Akua is Co-Founder

From January – December, 2017 Average Daily Demand Expressions in the USA & UK from Science Fictions to Drama was between 18 – 68 million.
The Global Television Demand Report leverages the entire available; Parrot Analytics global TV demand data set, which is comprised of 3.3 trillion data points, across 60+ languages, for 100+ countries.
In this vast increase, Africa’s market is excruciatingly very high. With the increasing in the internet connectivity, fast-growing smartphone reach, the ever-falling cost of data, DTT, and streaming platforms, video entertainment readily available has put hundreds of millions of potential customers in play – with 75% of them under the age of 25. Whilst these markets can seem overwhelming and sometimes impenetrable, DISCOP offering both buyers and sellers of content the most reliable and direct access to its 1.2 billion populace and the growing demand for TV series programs impacting over 500 million people in 3 years.