The upstanding citizens that work for the Alabama Worker Center do amazing things for the low-wage workers of Alabama. They ensure that this often unrepresented section of the community is treated equally and fairly, has a safe environment to work in, and has a voice that can be heard by the political masterminds that perpetuate this system of oppression.

The Alabama Worker Center fills a space that few other organizations have even attempted to fill. In just a short time, it's proven its effectiveness in building grassroots power to win real positive change for and with real people. Most organizations spend years aspiring to have such an important social impact.

This center works to ensure that all Alabama workers have a voice and power in their community. The dedicated staff and volunteers work tirelessly on their issues, and continue to inspire not only themselves, but all who work here in Alabama.

The Center is filling a long-needed role in the community and is providing valuable support for low-wage workers, especially, but not at all limited to immigrants. In addition the Center is working to empower the community to organize and advocate for itself.