Alexander Gats

Alexander Gats

Serial entrepreneur, Challenger
General Engineer • UI/UX Design
Szczecin, Poland
  • Software Development
  • CAD
  • Consultancy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Entrepreneur
  • Optimization
  • Software Training

Cortexistenz • Co-Founder

Hi Kitty

BD @Hi Kitty • Co-Founder

Reducing stress by feeling the magic touch of your electronic friend.


CFO @ARFly • Co-Founder

Augmented Reality Customized Greeting Cards


DeviGame • Advisor

Game Developers Professional Network

Amazing things Alexander's made
1. Crown Jewel product for Automotive industry (Just-in-Time, Lean Manufacturing, Conveyer Build2order, Error Proofing) named by AMR Research.
2. Build high-professional team, we handled 50 Automotive sities around the world in 24x6 mode causing just 15 minutes breakdown in 8 years (SLA=99.99999%)
3. Developed e-School and Educatiuon Management portal, the best and bigest in Central Eastern Europe in 2011-2012.