Alex Tumukunde

Alex Tumukunde

Naturalist turned social entrepreneur, passionate to stop deforestation and avert the effect of climate change on our communities
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Kampala, Uganda
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Bio-Innovations company Ltd

CEO @Bio-Innovations company Ltd • Co-Founder

We tackle deforestation by providing alternative heating and cooking fuel

Amazing things Alex's made
Previously I owned and operated a tree planting company that recruited hundreds of workers and planted thousands of seedlings on degraded landscapes.
With my great passion for averting the effects of deforestation and climate change, I started researching waste to energy businesses including installation of small scale biogas systems for households. Through this work experiences, I have been able to develop my own briquette press machine that utilizes feacal sludge and forestry waste to produce alternative heating fuel for factories.

Musobozi Lydia recommended Bio-Innovations company Ltd where Alex is Co-Founder

Thank you for the job done ,keep it up
We recommended you for support and continue promote and develop more organic products through use of wastes .

John Bosco Nkurunungi recommended Bio-Innovations company Ltd where Alex is Co-Founder

I worked with Alex on the mountain gorilla conservation program in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. I was intrigued by his resilience, energy and enthusiasm to create change. For example, over the nine candidates recruited to do field work that required months of camping, following and collecting behavioral and ecological data on mountain gorillas as they foraged through very rugged terrain, he was the only candidate that endured the difficult conditions and accomplished his assignments. As a result he was given the responsibility to train and lead national and international researchers to provide any easy link with local communities. I rate his leadership and mobilization abilities as excellent based on flexibility to lead diverse groups.
I envision a big promise in his briquette business in addressing
deforestation. Your support would catalyze his venture to save
millions of Ugandans. please do not hesitate to get back in case of need of any clarifications.

Alex Tumukunde CEO at Bio-Innovations company Ltd recommended Bio-Innovations company Ltd where Alex is Co-Founder

Romy Kraemer recommended Bio-Innovations company Ltd where Alex is Co-Founder

I met Alex as a Fellow at The DO School where I coached him during the course of one year.
Alex is a highly motivated individual with a clear passion for tackling deforestation in his home country and a strong drive to contribute to this cause with his social venture Bio-Innovations Ltd. He has gone great lengths to develop a working prototype of his eco-briquette machine to prove the feasibility of the procedure. As a trusted partner and manager of his project, he was able to assemble a committed team and find first customers for his product.
Given the quality of his solution, his commitment as well as personal character I recommend Alex without hesitation. I would be glad to support him on a pro-bono basis in furthering his venture if he finds financing for it.