Ameya Bhat

Ameya Bhat

Ameya Bhat is passionate about Technology and Innovation Commercialization
Marketing • General Engineer
Pittsburgh, US
  • Software Development
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Strategy Development

RistCall INSIGHT • Co-Founder

RistCall LLC

VP of Product and operations @RistCall LLC • Co-Founder

Simplifying patient nurse communication using smart watches


AlertCall • Co-Founder

Public safety mobile app to alert law enforcement personnel in stealthmode


Kit Needham recommended RistCall LLC where Ameya is Co-Founder

I have been an advisor to RistCall for over 2 years. Srinath, the founder, has done extensive customer discovery including shadowing nurses, patients, admin staff and doctors in hospitals and nursing homes. When seeking paid pilots, EVERY facility that was invited signed up to participate. The pilots are going well and will likely convert to regular customers, the revenue model has been validated, and the team is very coachable. With funding to cover the initial costs of equipment and expanded trials, RistCall will be able to scale growth. Further, additional products and services are already being planned using state of the art technology to capture additional patient data.

I highly recommend this company to future investors as well as users.

Adam Sohnen recommended RistCall LLC where Ameya is Co-Founder

Increasingly we are hearing about accountable patient-centered care. In the most basic, concrete sense this means how quickly and how well we provide each tiny unit of direct caring. It is from these multiple contacts that excellence emerges. An electronic device that builds a story of these contacts as they happen must eventually replace our current system. An EMR entry locus that is distant from patient contact may create a comforting fiction of all that has transpired. Ultimately patients, administrators and regulators will demand point of care data. Ristcall is the future of care - and has the potential to quickly enhance accountability, alacrity, quality and genuine attention. Fall prevention for the patient who needs timely help to use a commode is an obvious benefit. An equally important phenomenon that arises is that RistCall will create the scaffolding for telling the story of point of care interactions - in realtime. I feel strongly that RistCall is the future.