Amita Vadlamudi

Amita Vadlamudi

Amita Vadlamudi - Computer Systems Professional and Volunteer
General Engineer • General Business
Jersey City, US
  • Engineering
  • Leadership Development
Amazing things Amita's made
In her career as a computer systems engineer, Amita Vadlamudi has provided support for a diverse range of mainframe and midframe operating systems and components. She has built and supported infrastructure for file transfer protocol (FTP) transmission, which has included shell script development as well as support of mainframe printing and OS/390 FTP. Amita Vadlamudi has also installed and performed maintenance on a broad range of in-house products as well as VM/ESA operating system, Cobol, C/370, and other similar systems.

Now focused on her work in the community, Amita Vadlamudi contributes to a variety of national charities. She has volunteered her time as a grocery shopper for those unable to leave their homes and serves as a shelf reader for her hometown library. In this role, she carefully checks the call numbers on shelved books to ensure that all are placed in the correct position.

St. Peter’s College

St. Peter’s College

B.S. Graduated Jan 1981