Anabella Fassiano

Anabella Fassiano

Biologist (PhD), enterpreneur, restless, geek and a bit crazy, the perfect combination to keep on moving despite everything else.
General Business • UI/UX Design
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas

Becaria Doctoral @Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas • Employee

Mar '11 - Present (9 years 6 months)


Cofounder - CTO @Neogram • Co-Founder

Molecularly Improved pasturelands for sustainable livestock production

Oct '10 - Present (9 years 11 months)

Amazing things Anabella's made
I developed my entrepreneurial spirit very early and when I was five, my brother (seven at that time) and me, built with our own hands our first robot with pieces of TVs, VHS players, laundry machines and everything we could get our hands on.
I always thought the sky was the limit. With that idea in mind, I successfully did my PhD and built a company simultaneously. That is something that you rarely see. In this sense, I feel I hacked the system since everybody expected me to drop something half-way and I manage to handle both huge responsibilities.
University of Buenos Aires

University of Buenos Aires

PhD in Biological Chemistry Mar 2011 - May 2016

University of Buenos Aires

University of Buenos Aires

BSc and MSc in Biological Science Aug 2006 - Mar 2011


Pablo Sola Advisor - Mentor at Neogram recommended Neogram where Anabella is Co-Founder

Know founders since 2015 in a start-up competition. I was astonished by their background and the real possibilities of the project. I strongly consider NEOGRAM with potential to convert its technology in a platform for development of other products/applications.
That is why I became its advisor in strategy/finance. Both founders have very open minds and focused in creating a sustainable business with high impact. SU Chile and other competitions recognized and validated this.
As this type of businesses needs support and multidisciplinary knowledge to achieve milestones, participating in Yield Lab will highly benefit it.
I personally believe the team has the capabilities to generate a competitive product with market potencial. YL has the opportunity to participate and collaborate in this interesting development.
While working with many entrepreneurs, I consider the team is outstanding in focus, structure and potencial applications, I strongly recommend NEOGRAM to the start-up program.

Rohit Shukla CEO at Larta Institute/Larta Inc. recommended Neogram where Anabella is Co-Founder

I mentored Camila (in her capacity as CEO of Neogram) for her presentation and positioning at our Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis in September, 2016. The accomplishments which she has engineered at the young company are remarkable. With a small amount of money, raised from non-dilutive sources, she has accomplished more than one could expect. The mission behind the company is one that has great impact, specifically in tropical band agriculture. In developing a new strain of feed grass for cattle, the Company will reduce environmental footprint through increased digestibility, lower methane emissions and greater soil efficiency. But what stands out is her great openness in understanding and addressing the opportunities and challenges. The strides she has made will be increased manifold through her participation in the Yield Lab program, and we look forward to featuring her as a great success story! They would benefit from strategy guidance.

Cecilia Lopez Deputy Secretary of Sci and Tech Research at School of Exact and Natural Sciences recommended Neogram where Anabella is Co-Founder

Neogram’s main product is an improved forage grass, that feeds cattle more efficiently and reduces greenhouse gases emission, economically relevant for all meat producing countries. However, Neogram’s value is also about its team, Camila and Anabella, very driven, professional, and hardworking. Although they are both biologists graduated from the same class, one has taken the scientific lead, and the other has taken the CEO role, optimally taking care of all the management and decision making. In this way, the have successfully steered a biotech startup through a years-long development process including field testing, and keeping the company’s value intact.
They need funds to complete the last stage of testing, so to reach a mature product, and also guidance/advice on protecting the technology, pricing it, and designing its commercialization globally. Also, the company’s potential for developing other products under a R+D platform of improved grass varieties should be analyzed.

Sharon Berberich recommended Neogram where Anabella is Co-Founder

I met Camila at the Ag Innovation Showcase 2016 in St. Louis MO. I am on the advisory committee for this meeting and recommended Neogram as a presenter. There are few companies focused on making forage grasses more efficient for feed. Dairy and beef cattle systems are in need of higher nutrition feed that can make the growth cycle more sustainable and less costly. Neogram has a solution for reducing lignin content in forage grasses thus making the grass more digestible and higher nutrient availability. This is a non-GMO technology which means it can be commercialized globally in many different forage systems, not only grasses. I think Neogram is a good candidate for Yield Lab funding and mentoring. They are very good technically, but need help on the intellectual property development and business strategy. They recognize what they don't know and will be very open to mentoring. They also need funds to move to the next step in developing their IP and product characterization.

Tomás Peña Managing Director at The Yield Lab recommended Neogram where Anabella is Co-Founder

I've was introduced to Camila when she won the City of Buenos Aires competition to present her project at the AIS. I met her then and I was surprised when I saw that she draw a lot of interest for herself and her project with very qualified people. I also made introductions to people who understand very well her business and they all want to help her out because of her professional capabilities and the value of her project.

In Argentina she has also won recognition from players like MIT TR 35, Israel Innovation Awards, Innovar, Everis Foundation(Spain) AACREA, among others.

I think that she could really use the help of the Yield Lab to take her project to a whole new level. I also think that she will need to find a business partner that will help her products go to a commercial level.

The risk that I see with Neogram is that they are very technical and they might be biased towards new developments before making money, but with good mentoring that can be easily be solved