B3 service

B3 service

Social Entrepreneur who loves altruism, web and empower people. The challenge is to teach how to use the tool for good.
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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CEO @ConnectionB3 • Co-Founder

Social Ecommerce. You buy, sell and choose a social project to donate.


CEO @B3service

Social Entrepreneurship

Amazing things B3's made
2 years ago when start of B3service.com we realized the scholarship donation the company Instituto Monitor for a favela in Rio de Janeiro to validate and start the social value of the B3 project. Since then I have made important partnerships for social events and empowerment of people and communities with partner companies. 15 years ago, early in my career it was my second work recorded in 2001, realized the first social responsibility project to a private company. The segment was a post will compressed natural gas (CNG), and the result was a 1 day of supply was financially donated in food to a charity that I have helped him since childhood. The company was the Gaspro G.N.V Ltda, CEO is Mr. Jayme, contact: + 55 21 99996.9598, and donations received by St. Paschoal Foundation. Mrs. Valdete + 55 32 3212.3714. I was selfless since young and involved in volunteer work, I am also a blood donor since I was 18 years old, with more than 23 times of collaboration certification.
University Federal of Juiz de Fora

University Federal of Juiz de Fora

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