Andrea Cziffer Paul, MD

Andrea Cziffer Paul, MD

Physician and Co-Founder of BoardVitals
General Business
New York City, US
  • Clinical Research
  • Medical Education
  • Skin Care
Experience • Co-Founder

Medical Boards Preparation Platform With Automatically Updated Content

Ashish Rangnekar recommended where Andrea is Co-Founder

I really like BoardVital's concept of crowd-sourcing content creation in fields (like medicine) that regularly need updated professional grade content.

I had the pleasure of spending some time yesterday with the founders of this startup. This is a fast moving team with a concept that could really take off in areas like medicine.

I suggested to them that to accelerate their growth, they should focus their initial sourcing on publisher agreements. After our discussion, their plan is to focus on a few small publishers, license their content, prove the business case, and then license from the larger publishers in a revenue sharing arrangement. They have already started reaching out and I think if they can prove the model, this business will grow even faster than what they have already achieved.

It's a great team with impressive progress already. I would like to continue working with them and mentoring them through the process.