Andrew Said

Andrew Said

An experienced software guy with a passion for solving problems and building things
Operations • DevOps
Southampton, UK
  • Agile Project Management
  • DevOps
  • Software Engineering
  • Team Leadership
  • Web Development

CTO @OiPub • Co-Founder

Science publishing & social platform changing the way science is done

Amazing things Andrew's made
I took a few years out of employment to develop MyVeat, a business idea which came at the right time in my career and my life. The idea was simple; bring people together, face to face, over home-cooked meals. It was a total rejection of the current social networks which reduce face to face interaction.

I brought the project from concept to the final stages of development. I developed the business plan with monetisation ideas and projections. I explored ideas on how to grow and scale the product after launching it. I designed the architecture with scalability and quick deployments in mind.

I am particularly proud of how I managed to work alone, self-funded, on a long-term project - which was a challenge in self-discipline and determination.

At the cusp of project launch, the 2020 pandemic forced me to make the difficult decision to put aside this project as it no longer applies to the current world of social distancing.