Angel Salazar

Angel Salazar

Proven trajectory in higher education as business school academic and serial entrepreneur in the UK.
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
Manchester, UK
  • Film Production
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Strategy
  • Educational Technology
  • Growth Hacking
  • Machine Learning
  • Research & Development
  • Strategic Partnerships

CEO @DataWorkout • Co-Founder

The EduFilm Platform

Amazing things Angel's made
Besides my relentless energy and enthusiasm, I have a unique set of creative and technical skills and business experience that has enabled me to produce unique cinematic edufilms, and orchestrate an impressive value proposition and scalable business model.

Dataworkout is making a huge impact on democratising education on new technologies and making them more accessible to everyone. Angel is an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic individual whose dedication to accessible education and disruptive technologies is at the core of Dataworkout's existing and future success.

Andrew Neff recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder
Advisor, DataWorkout

I'm really impressed with DataWorkout and how they will impact technology education, so badly needed right now. They're very creative in their approach to finding new ways to educate large groups of people. 'Edtech' is growing quickly and with good reason. DataWorkout is one of the leaders as they find new methods and mediums to make what could be dry topics exciting and informative. This is definitely a company to watch.

Rimah Harb recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder

DataWorkout is taking a very interesting angle of its own that combines entertainment with education. Beside the concept, I sensed the DataWorkout team is highly-skilled and working wholeheartedly towards the realization of the dream vision. I am a fan of this company and the team.

Eleanor Mackenzie-Smith recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder

DataWorkout is making impressive headway in the edutech field, and we at Onalytica are proud to support that journey. We're helping Angel and his team engage with key opinion leaders and influencers to build a strong community around disruptive education. Understanding your audience and finding those voices that can help tell your story is key to start-up success, and DataWorkout is well on its way!

Katrina Delargy recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder
Founder, CEO, TIYGA Health

DataWorkout brings together an exciting blend of skills, knowledge and talent to accelerate learning and appreciation of advanced digital technology. Angel and his team create imaginative and compelling visual stories to support business transformation and engage the audience in innovative ways.

Giuliano Liguori recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder

I think DataWorkout is the most innovative startup in the "edutech" field. I'm positively impressed with their work. I find the idea behind the project truly innovative and useful for non-technical professionals who need to learn how to exploit and benefit from disruptive technologies, by enjoying watching the films.

Araceli Venegas-Gomez recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder

DataWorkout is doing an amazing job bringing awareness about disruptive technologies!
Dr. Angel Salazar has an impressive career and he is making an outstanding effort to raise awareness and supporting business transformation in this new digital era.

Dr. Jeffrey Funk recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder

Dr. Angel Salazar is one of the leaders in creating educational tools for new technologies. With a PhD in innovation policy and technology management, he has been a researcher and educator for much of his life. He is now applying his vast experience to raising awareness of the value and potential risks of artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing, technologies that have the potential to improve our world if they are not right. He is doing this through a variety of methods including the creation of cinematic film, a method that can reach a much wider audience than can articles, websites and videos.

Andrew Neff recommended DataWorkout where Angel is Co-Founder
Advisor, DataWorkout

I've been impressed by DataWorkout's vision for the growth of the technology education market. Like other market sectors, EdTech is now well established in the US and around the globe. Like other market segments, this sector is now getting funded more as it grows to the next level. DataWorkout has a clear vision and game-plan for what that level will be and have already started executing it. They're also well connected to both the education and technology markets, and are leveraging those connections to boost content creation, market awareness and ultimately sales. Networking is everything in the technology market, having worked in that space. You can see from my LinkedIn profile that I've been in the sector 20 years. DataWorkout is leveraging connections to maximize ROI on the funding they need to spend as they elevate to the next level more efficiently than other companies. This is a company worth watching.