Catherine Johnson

The ADW pocket guide is a beautiful and groundbreaking app that enables people to engage with nature in a new and interactive way - be it in their backyard, a backcountry trail, or a temperate rainforest. Leveraging a powerfully extensive and growing database, the pocket guide enables parks, zoos, wildlife organizations, educators, and individuals to attract and engage users through customized, interactive tools. There are a variety of monetization opportunities, and the app can also provide a holistic experience guide that includes key park/zoo information, activities, trails and learning opportunities. This exciting app is brought to you by a team with deep expertise, passion, and commitment.

James Burdine Client Success + Marketing at Larky, Inc.

The Animal Diversity Web team has created a fantastic interactive tool for users of all ages to learn about animals and increase their understanding of the natural world around them. Impressively, the app and website build off of years of the research conducted by the team. The sweat and passion brought by this team enables users to learn about the natural world right where they live and wherever they travel. The impact of the Animal Diversity Web cannot be understated for those who love the natural world and for sparking that same interest in students.

Wesley Huffstutter

The app allows users, of all ages and locations, to engage and learn about the animals around them. It is based on research at the University of Michigan where they developed the largest, most accurate database of animal diversity. The information can be simply and easily tailored depending on the user and has been used in education from elementary school users all the way up to college students. The data is also geo-tagged to that you can discover the animal diversity in you local park or where ever you are. The tool is useful to visitors to state and national parks, zoos and educators. There is a passionate team behind it and multiple opportunities for monetization.