Anita Bradshaw

Anita Bradshaw

I have experience in investment banking, strategic planning, management consulting and risk management. I am committed to sustainability.
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Plymouth, UK
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Green Sea Guard Limited

Chief Executive @Green Sea Guard Limited • Co-Founder

Monitoring exhaust gases remotely - both regulators and commercial entities

Amazing things Anita's made
I created the liquidity model for the UK's entire stock settlement system, devising a unique method to ensure that existing market processes were not disturbed, but ensuring that there would always be sufficient liquidity for trading. Having spent more than 20 years (at the time) working with securities, I understood the market requirements rather better than a team of consultants recruited by the major banks. I persuaded the Bank of England to buy into my idea, and implemented the model over a year at CREST (now Euroclear). I also built a real time banking system for one of the top four global cash management banks. During the last fifteen years, I built a range of value management simulation models to provide insight into strategic problems in many of the Fortune 500 global companies. I also created a new way to finance renewable energy allowing individuals and companies to save up to 30% on their energy bills, although this has so far been rejected by the UK Treasury.


Natural Sciences Oct 1977 - Jun 1980