Antonio Sainz

Antonio Sainz

an entrepreneur without healing who wants to contribute all his experience to a new way of doing business, where technology has a human face, a supporter of 3P: People, Planet and Profit. Inclusive business is good business for everyone.
General Business • Financial
Pamplona, Spain
  • Finance
  • Blockchain
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Philanthropy
  • Sustainability
Inclusivity Network

Cofounder @Inclusivity Network • Employee

May '17 - Present (4 years)

Meeting Point of Ideas

Business Partner @Meeting Point of Ideas • Employee

Jul '15 - Present (5 years 10 months)



El problema financiero de la di√°spora tratada desde la primera milla

Amazing things Antonio's made
I have enjoyed the business world for a long time now, through different sectors which have helped me achieve a high level of experience. I have lived in 5 different countries with my family and cooperated with customers and suppliers from all around the world, who have given me the chance to learn from them. I have worked in various sectors such as the food industry, real estate, wines and spirits, engineering, aerospace industry… Currently, INCLUSIVITY, my whole experience is focused on the new revolution of technologies that are generating a new ecosystem for people, companies and relationships. Obsessed with the practical application of Blockchain & Financial Inclusion and how the new technologies can help people to have a better life in a more Inclusive and sustainable Planet: Fintech, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Additive Manufacturing, Smart Factories, Robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Smart Farming...