Anupam Chatterjee

Anupam Chatterjee

12 yrs in SMAC. MS(ISI), MBA(HEC Paris, MIT Sloan) ,Strategy- Harvard Business School . Stevie Gold Award. Innovator. Disruptor
General Business • Marketing
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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CEO @TheDecisionLabs • Co-Founder

CEMPIA Patient Experience Management Platform for Insights and Action

Amazing things Anupam's made
In my last role, prior to starting TheDecisionLabs, I was leading the entire Analytics and Research new capability creation of WNS Global services. WNS is a traditional Business Process Services company serving clients leading MNCs. WNS organised a companywide entrepreneurship challenge which I won and made the first enterprise class technology product ProGenie, a real time online multichannel customer service product. ProGenie remains the flagship product of WNS and was the first product to win a technology prize for the firm, the prestigious Stevie Award, .Prior to WNS, I created web analytics and digital innovation team in 247 Inc., a Sequoia company .

In my present role, I am focused in growing CEMPIA . With CEMPIA, we are redefining Patient Experience in Hospital . We are already present in Malaysia, India, Indonesia & Vietnam and soon in Singapore and UAE.

Venkataraman Subramanian Enterprise Architect, CTO at Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. recommended TheDecisionLabs where Anupam is Co-Founder

CEMPIA (TheDecisionLabs ) has been engaging with Columbia Asia for sometime and after a pilot study we found the product extremely versatlie and particularly useful for Customer experience and complaint management . We will be rolling out the solution across 30 hospitals in 4 countries . We are confident that CEMPIA's real time complaint management and accompanying analytics will take us closer to our CX goals. Anupam and his team provide the right balance of Business Domain and Technology expertise and is all poised for global expansion in a very short time . I wish CEMPIA BEST of luck and would recommend them to any healthcare provider and to be part of the dynamic HCF Scale up Program . This will give them a shot in the arm to explore developed markets and be a truly global health enterprise start up.

Sundar VARADARAJ PERANGUR recommended TheDecisionLabs where Anupam is Co-Founder

The Founder has an excellent positive attitude and is a very humble person. He is very strong on technology and has created a beautiful product for customer experience management. He has got great traction with numerous customers in the Healthcare (Hospitals ) and Hospitality industry and has acquired customers with his all-round abilities. He is a go getter and has the never say die spirit. He coaches his team with Deep interest and empathy. Ability to learn new technology very fast and innovate. Has innovatived continually and honed the product. He has some adjacent space products in BigData and AI which he can also take forward with inspiration from Oracle.
A real Entrepreneur. I am sure Anupam and TheDecisionLabs will grow , thrive and succeeded. I recommend them highly and wish them all the best. TheDecisionLabs will thrive further in association with Deep Cloud, and other Enterprise technologies, products and experiences from seasoned Guru's at Oracle.

Ross Leher recommended TheDecisionLabs where Anupam is Co-Founder

TheDecisionLabs has created innovate SAAS applications that will be extraordinarily helpful for enterprises large and small. Using these applications, "Text to Knowledge" insights are achieved to provide actionable intelligence for the enterprise users. 20% of information is structured and the other 80% that is unstructured is largely untapped. TheDecisionLabs applications helps to solve this problem.