Aparna Ramanathan

Aparna Ramanathan

I’m a parent of two tweens, married to my co-founder, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur, raised in Australia, passion for mental health.
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Menlo Park, US
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CEO @AskMyClass • Co-Founder

AskMyClass supports social-emotional needs on-command through Alexa.


CEO @Hoogalit • Co-Founder

ClassAlexa is a voice assistant for teachers in the classroom.

Amazing things Aparna's made
We are married co-founders. A few years ago, our two children attended a small independent elementary school. It was a hidden gem. Yet, it struggled to enroll new students because they didn’t see the value of a good web presence. We decided to help. I interviewed parents, teachers, and students for anecdotes. With their stories, I wrote content for the website, integrating existing print materials, and taking photos. Deepak built the site and social media presence, ran AdWords campaigns, using his marketing experience to create an engaging look and feel. We documented everything and handed it over to the school. Admissions increased and they hired part-time staff to manage marketing. The school is still a gem, but now less hidden.