We simplify the way that companies in highly regulated industries conduct due diligence on prospective and existing clients, partners, suppliers etc.

Our technology enables clients to search across over 16,000 sources, including the deep web, to provide real time access to risk relevant content from both Open Source & Premium content providers. Our innovative, proprietary technology dramatically reduces the time & cost associated with sourcing this information as well as increases the accuracy compared to using other search platforms & outsourced providers. We enable translation of search terms and underlying results to ensure a robust & consistent interrogation of all relevant jurisdictions and sources. We pair this search technology with configurable workflows to tie internal policies and procedures to the systems used to search, further reducing the issues associated with inconsistent use of multiple vendors. All of this can be easily evidenced and comes with a full audit trial for internal and external examinations.

As a result of increased scope of legislation such as the EU's 4th Money Laundering Directive, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, regulation & enforcement in addition to reputational risk are forcing Financial Services and many other highly regulated industries to search deeper, wider and further than ever before to identify the potential risks that exist.


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