I know the Arboreum founders in both a professional and personal capacity and I would like to recommend them to Techstars. Back in December 2019, I was introduced to Gaurav and Nupur by a mutual friend. I found the idea for the fully "built out" Arboreum, where networks would be able to self finance and self govern with AI powering credit flows to be really ambitious and compelling. Over the next few months, I informally advised them productize the concept and think about their go to market plan. I feel they are really onto something new, innovative, and potentially game-changing with their "first principles" approach of using trust and relationships to unlock and de-risk external credit. They have already launched the product and are in discussions with several larger players for pilots. Techstars Fintech program will help them get the business and fintech mentorship needed to build out this ambitious idea and find their product market fit so they can get to growth in H2 2021.

Juliette-Marie Somerset
Board of Advisors , ZOI AI

My recommendation of Arboreum as a startup is through the lens of a global startup mentor at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Makers and Switzerland’s CV Labs based in Crypto Valley. I met the founders early this autumn in Zoom meetings and immediately connected with their vision financial inclusion and accessible financial services for the market in India. Good Fintech with its innovation can become a technology disruptor providing financial inclusion everywhere and access to everyone. In my view, Arboreum is scaling a financial services startup that is building economic security and resilience in communities. The cofounders have applied to participate in the ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator and I highly recommend the startup cofounders of Arboreum as exceptional entrepreneurs in the Fintech sector.