Ashvin Dewan

Ashvin Dewan

Orthopedic Surgeon and former engineer that brings a unique problem-solving insight to the delivery and management of surgical care
General Engineer • Front End Dev
Sugar Land, US
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • JavaScript
  • Sports Medicine
  • SQL
  • Surgery

Co-Founder & CMO @CaseCTRL • Co-Founder

Digital Ai surgery management workflows for better revenue & patient care

Amazing things Ashvin's made
As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, I grew frustrated with the archaic and inefficient processes surrounding my patient's surgical journey. With my background in software coding, I decided to do something about it. It was not long before I have cooked together an MVP that would later become the first version of CaseCTRL. I initially did not think much of it, but when my administrators began inquiring if other surgeons could use CaseCTRL, the commercialization potential of the platform became apparent. I recruited Pamela, a systems engineer with healthcare experience, and we teamed up to create a company to commercialize CaseCTRL.
Lance Black, MD, MBID recommended CaseCTRL where Ashvin is Co-Founder
Medical Device Innovation Lead, Texas Medical Center

Surgical coordination and optimization is an insider's game requiring a level of appreciation of not only the different surgical procedures, but how to account for the variable nature of said procedures, the operators, and their patients. CaseCTRL was born from an intimate understanding of the surgical journey, and has demonstrated key outcomes healthcare systems care about. Dr. Dewan and his team have not only built the tool, they live by it.