Ashwarya Singh

Ashwarya Singh

Entrepreneurship is not just my passion, it is my lifestyle. My work revolves around oiling the team at JustRide and emsure things get done
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Mumbai, India
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CEO @JustRide • Co-Founder

JustRide looks to create a shared car economy in India

Amazing things Ashwarya's made
As a passionate entrepreneur, my first company was Support Gurukul, an IT services startup during my graduation days. Following a short stint at Nomura as an investment banker, I decided to pursue my passion with JustRide. The company is a technology aggregator in the business of car rentals. Our goal is to build technology which would assist conventional rent-a-car operators to scale their business.

Within 8 months of commencing operations in Mumbai, we have scaled our model to 4 cities with 16 vendors on-board. With an active customer base of 20,000 customers, we are one of the fastest growing startups in the country.