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Interested in becoming a Techstars associate? Check out our jobs page -
Interested in becoming a Techstars associate? Check out our jobs page -
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Blake Yeager
Daniel Andrews
Daniel Andrews Engineering at Techstars.
Daniel Feld
David Cohen
Jason Seats
Jason Seats Managing Director of TechStars Cloud, Slicehost founder & Rackspace Alumnus
Jennifer Cabala
Jennifer Cabala Operations, Techstars
Kristina Getty
Kristina Getty Operations Manager @ Techstars
Tak Lo
Tak Lo Entrepreneur, United States Army vet, ex-consultant and banker
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Puja Mehta

It was truly a pleasure working with Miss. Valerie Nakhimova. She was extremely helpful in all areas of TEP Wireless' logistics and operations department. Miss. Nakhimova assisted with many areas such as; quality assurance, return and order management, connection testing/APN setting of devices and device maintenance. She was flexible with daily work and the hours, as well as being a team player and a fantastic communicator. Miss. Nakhimova, also had the opportunity to train some of our new interns and employees, in which she excelled with flying colours. As her former senior colleague, I would surely recommend Miss. Nakhimova for any role or career she wishes to pursue.

Andrew Simonsen

I worked with Jesh Plumb while we were both in the Army. In my five year Army career I have never worked with another officer who was as driven or capable as Jesh. He wanted to be the absolute best at everything that he did and put in the time and effort to achieve that goal. He never let any obstacle come in his way and achieved everything that he set out to.

While he was an executive officer his fifty personnel were consistently rated as the best group in the entire brigade of over two thousand in numerous highly technical tasks. They routinely handled and used high explosive ordinance without safety incident and with a high degree of accuracy. They also maintained a high level of personal conduct. This was in large part due to Jesh's attention to detail, and professionalism.

I have no doubt that as he transitions into the civilian sector he will prove to be a tremendous asset wherever he finds employment. That is just who he is. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

Natalie Kamenetsky

I’ve known Matt for 1.5yrs, and have had the pleasure of working on numerous projects with him. There are 3 things that will make Matt an awesome candidate for TechStars

1) He’s passionate & knowledgeable when it comes to tech startups. He’s been interning at various startups in London for the past year, and was really dedicated to helping them succeed.

2) Between running a few clubs, organizing overseas sports tournaments, a full class schedule, and internships, Matt somehow manages to never miss a deadline. From my prior experience at TechStars, I know organization is one of the key things a lot of startups lack. There’s so much to be done in so little time, it can be overwhelming. Matt will be excellent at helping startups prioritize and organize.

3) Matt is a great person to be around. He’s always upbeat, and knows how to ease tension. When there are long hours, few breaks, and product struggles, there needs to be a person around who can lighten the atmosphere.