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The project supports groups of leading accelerators for delivering cross border services to innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs and links these groups with knowledge creators and education organizations (i.e. mentors, trainers, service providers and partners) on one side and to investors (i.e. business angels, venture capital firms) and the business world (i.e. potential clients, partners and suppliers) on the other.

The objective is to drive innovation, facilitate technology transfer and to support entrepreneurship on a transnational European level to contribute to the exploitation of more innovative products and services coming from European R&D projects and to support the creation of more successful ICT start-ups in Europe.

Consortium Partners


Aleksandar Tasev Founder at Balkan Unlimited Strategist, entrepreneur, startup coach, investor
Andrej Andrejev Coder at F6S Co-founder at F6S
Aviva Markowicz Le Camping
Aviva Mkz kejrlkzjrlkz
Carmen Bermejo Tetuan Valley Tetuan Valley CEO
Edite Cruz Beta-I
Egidijus Jarašūnas EU Projects at F6S Enthusiastic and inspirational fire-starter
Elise Nebout Le Camping hhh
Emanuel Lainas Coder at F6S Code Wrangler, Tech co-founder at f6s
f6s support Supporting European Projects Internet and mobile software entrepreneur with 20 years experience in sustainability
Hugo Claessens E-Unlimited High-tech startups & VC/CVC connector, program specialist, coach
Karel Escobar Sánchez Tetuan Valley
Marco Cisotto H-Farm
Marco Pavan H-Farm
Mashrukh Talukder E-Unlimited
Matt Philippe Growth at F6S Growth @F6S
Sean Kane MD at F6S Making the world a better place for Startup founders
Tobias Schoofs Coordinator
Youssef Sabbah E-Unlimited
Rodrigo Martinez Early Stage Tech Investor. Focus on SaaS, fintech and digital marketplaces.
Francesco Maio Ex Investment Banker for over 20 years and now active Business Angel, Board Member, Consultant & Mentor.
Benjamin Hardy I like connecting the dots and building great products.
Pablo Valcárcel SBC Amsterdam alumnus. Battle-hardened CEO of Geosophic, the experts in all things location for mobile gaming.
Cédric Giorgi Cookening Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jane Applegate I specialize in producing dynamic online video about successful business owners and the companies that serve them: Microsoft, Amex,Cox TV
Bernino Lind Lean Startup evangelist, Agile Scrum, Plan-Do-Check-Act.IPOed entrepreneur, co-founder of plant that changes color ontop of landmines.
Yann Lechelle Yann est un "sérial entrepreneur" qui, en tant qu'advisor, nous suit
Georgios Gatos Co-founder - Biz Dev @incrediblue. Hosts Thessaloniki @opencoffeegr
Paul Ford Technology Strategist, Innovator, Startup Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Cloud Computing Pioneer, Marketer, Ecosystem Builder, HPC and Advanced Compute Infrastructure Expert, Computer Graphics and Visualization and Creator of Great Products and Services. Entrepreneur in Residence, USA
Javier Montaner Engineer with SW and Telecom background. Interested in Internet of Things and its application to social (as in good for society) projects
Irene Cassarino Entrepreneur, mentor, horsewoman
Diamantino Costa Entrepreneur. Founder of Critical Software. Founder of GanexaCapital. Part of YourGenomics team.
Javier Megias Terol Passionate entrepreneur trying to connect and promote the European Startup Ecosystem
Stephane Contrepois Founder CEO MyFeelBack
Dragan Antonic Experienced entrepreneur, dreamer and curious explorer
Juan Cartagena Founder CEO at Traity, Growth Padawan. MBA Chicago Booth + Engineer
Gligor Dacevski CEO, DoxOut
Roxanne Varza Currently running Microsoft Ventures & Bizspark in France. Cofounder of Girls in Tech Paris & London, Failcon France &
Sandra Sick Life-long marketing and business development professional with experience in many industries and working for and with early stage companies.
Aiste Lehmann Builder of logical structures and implementable systems from chaos of ideas
Bill Earner Founder and Managing Partner at Connect Ventures, a London-based early stage venture capital firm
Jose Villalobos Cortés Entregado al mundo de las startups desde 2009. Programador, CTO y CEO
Cosimo Panetta Innovation facilitator & Startup CoachLean Startup MethodBusiness ModellingInnovation StrategyBusiness & Lean Analytics
Pablo Rodriguez Monedero Global coordinator
Manuel Guillermo Fraga Castro Computer Science Engineer
Giorgio Soffiato Founder of Marketing Arena, a fast growing italian digital agency
Riccardo Samiolo CFO, business development in different countries, International M&A, turn around, start up, resizing, managing in foreign countries

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€32–45K year • 0-0.5%
€20–35 year • 0-0.25%
€20–35 month • 0-0.5%
€25–35K month • 0-0.5%
€25–35K month • 0-0.5%
£20–90K year • 0-10%
€35–45K year • 0.05-0.1%
€45–55K year • 0.01-0.05%
€45–55K year • 0.05-0.1%
€45–55K year
€35–45K year • 0.05-0.1%
€8–12K year
€34–40 month
€34–40 month
€700–800 month
€40–50K year • 0-1%
€350–500 month
$20–40K year
€1–2 month • 1-20%
$30–60 year • 1-3%
€20–50K year


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