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Here is an outline of the focus areas at each member corporation: Porsche North America: Digital marketing and e-commerce, AR/VR consumer experiences, Logistic Services Automation, Blockchain (specifically financial services contracts or any solution that helps a corporate unlock a new revenue stream) MailChimp: Security, Machine Learning, Marketing COX: Big data, Back office automation, Fleet Management, Healthcare (solutions for self-insured employers, risk-based to native care, and companies that are focused on chronic disease management, telehealth, end of life), Sustainability, Energy efficiency (Software or services), Water efficiency (Software or services), Food and agriculture space (farms or meal solution), Media, Creative advertising, Employee engagement or training (not a learning tool, though) SunTrust: Big Data, Braves (data fragments all over Battery Park - ticketing - transactions outside of the stadium), Machine Learning, AI, Cryptocurrency, FinTech The Weather Co: Data and AI, New revenue models / Advertising Tech, New Data or Products around location value propositions, Marketing tools, Publishing or media tools, apps etc. especially around video Coca-Cola Company: Incentivizing recycling
, Consumer-focused e-Commerce (as it relates to technologies that recognize and anticipate the merging of B2B and B2C), Digitize Enabling Services (performance management dashboards - an integrated digitized scorecard that enables metrics viewing), Data/Analytic
Precision marketing and mix modeling pilots
, Advanced analytics & AI to improve outlet execution, Photo recognition
, Cybersecurity (improve endpoint protection in plants and raise awareness and preparedness to potential threats),
 Technology innovation and automation (improve stability and reliability of daily and weekly financial and operational reports)