Aurelia Bustos

Aurelia Bustos

An oncologist determined to improve collaborative research through IT
Full Stack Dev • General Business
Alicante, Spain
  • Entrepreneur
  • Oncology
  • Software Engineering
  • Strategic Planning

Medbravo • Co-Founder

A professional online network to refer patients to cancer clinical trials


Conchi Gallego García recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

Medbravo is much more than technology. In the basis of the project lays the idea of creating a community of patients so that they become active players in the decision making process of their illness and therefore their lives.
Realizing that in today’s world, in which technology allows for instant communication around the globe, searching for suitable patients for medical trials is done almost “manually” is crazy and totally outdated. Medbravo meets that need while considering patients active players in the filed of research, main experts of their illness and key partners for medicine and research.

Andrés Pedreño Muñoz recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

I have absolutely no hestitation in whole-heartedly recommending Medbravo for this technological start-up award. Last year I directed Spain's largest MOOC on technological entrepreneurship, and we invited Dr. Bustos to describe Medbravo. Her module was one of the most inspiring of the whole course. Medbravo is the result of Dr. Bustos's determination and drive to improve cancer research by making clinical trials available to cancer specialists and cancer patients worldwide. Using ground-breaking technology Medbravo has already generated interest and gratitude from oncologists in Spain, Europe and the US. The more support Dr. Bustos and her team receive, the greater the positive impact their incredibly valuable project will have on cancer research and patients alike. I can think of no start-up more worthy of receiving this award.

Alfredo Carrato recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

I've been trying to succeed in a similar project some years ago and I realized it was not an easy task when Medbravo finally made it.
It has the potential benefit of a network collaboration to help recruitment of patients into specific clinical trials. An opportunity for patients, Academia and science improvement.
Thanks Auri, and congratulations!

Fran García García Former CEO at weCauses recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

Aurelia Bustos is a brilliant person. She is an oncologist, and was so determined to solve the problem she and her colleges were facing at work that enrolled again University to study informatics. Not only that, she was able to finish her new studies number #1 in whole Spain and build her app while working.

We knew about her when we were organizing TEDxElche. Her story captivated us due to her determination and streng, and when we visited her at the hospital we knew for sure that we wanted to spread the voice about this project.

I am convinced that Medbravo will accelerate the investigation on cancer, and that it will contribute to the families that suffer from this pain. I do not know any other startup that should be impulsed as much as this one.

Anna Tarí Licensee and organizer at TEDxElche recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

Most powerful tool that brings together an organized set of worldwide information regarding clinical trials for cancer patients, thus approaching the information to society and enhancing collaboration between researchers.

We invited Aurelia to our TEDx event to present MedBravo as a crucial project to make progress in cancer research. Congratulations and thank you for creating it!!

Anna Tarí
TEDxElche Licensee

Rebecca Rippin recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

Medbravo is a wonderful idea made into reality by an incredibly talented woman, Aurelia Bustos.

Dr. Bustos, a dedicated oncologist, had a vision to make information about clinical trials for cancer patients available worldwide in order to improve accessibility of patients with specific or rare cancer conditions to these trials.

In order to develop this inspirational idea, Dr. Bustos successfully completed a IT degree in her spare time (!!) and built the technology necessary to create a searchable data base of cancer-related clinical tests being carried out all over the world. Thanks to her tireless work, oncologists anywhere can search for specific clinical tests and volunteer their patients to participate, thus increasing their chances of survival of rare and/or critical cancers.

Medbravo is an example of how technology can be used to improve communication and collaboration among cancer specialists and enhance participation in clinical trials crucial to cancer research.

Hector Monerris Ivorra recommended Medbravo where Aurelia is Co-Founder

Med Bravo it's a cutting edge tool for medical research. But the most powerful advantage it's the human team behind the project.