I worked closely with Guy at Intel on opportunities with several important vendors. Guy was a key partner identifying business opportunities as well as leading technical winning projects. He is an innovative and creative entrepreneur. He was awarded for initiating a new business opportunity for Intel - a new wearable product that was highlighted in numerous press releases and in online news feeds. He did a very good job exploring the technical and market aspects of this new initiative. Guy has great customer orientation, product management skills, leadership and discipline. I strongly recommend Guy.

Didi Gurfinkel
Co-Founder, OnTopIt

I know Etai for more than 20 years. He is a talented entrepreneur with extra ordinary power to make dreams come true, drive a team forward and think out of the box. I'm following BitBite from its first days and very much impressed from the huge progress this startup is doing. I wish them all the luck!

Didi Gurfinkel