AWR Ideas is taking contextual advertising outside the internet....
AWR Ideas is taking contextual advertising outside the internet.
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Alec P. Karys
Alec P. Karys Experienced tech entrepreneur, investor and startup mentor
John J. Garvey
John J. Garvey John founded digital marketing firm GCAi and mentors for fintech accelerator (London) and MassChallenge (Boston).


John J. Garvey Advisor at AWR Ideas

As anyone who is involved with the startup world knows good ideas do not necessary make profitable companies and founders rarely get the chance to add “successfully exited” to their LinkedIn portfolio. I fully expect Luis Ivan to be able to do both – turn a good idea into a profitable company which will be snapped up by smart investors. First, his idea to bring contextual advertising to the real world is more than an aspiration – he and his team back it with experience. Secondly, Luis has “the right stuff.” I’m not saying he is John Glenn – but what I am saying is that if you hang around with startups for a while – you begin to spot it…those who have it and those who are “faking it until they make it.” I am tired of the latter and really enjoy working with the former. As a mentor for AWR Ideas, I can say that Luis is fun and inspiring to work with.

Víctor M. González G Co-Founder at

I've been a close acquaintance of Luis and Roberto for more than 3 years, witnessing their successes and failures. I was an spectator in the process of their funding, growth, their first pilots. I also witnessed the process of validating different products relentlessly, getting closer to their goal. I've learnt many things from Luis and Roberto about entrepreneurship, business and advertising, and I don't have any doubts about their capacity.

José Miguel Colin

AWR Ideas is one of the most innovative startups here in Mexico, we have helped them from Reto Zapopan (one of the most important acceleration programs in Mexico) to improve and reach their objectives. We are very proud they have come this far. Luis is a great entrepreneur, he excels at everything he does and he is always in a great mood, and always willing to help others.

Kara Shurmantine

Luis Ortega is a phenomenal entrepreneur, and AWR ideas is an impressive startup. I have worked with this startup in my capacity as liaison between MassChallenge and Reto Zapopan, the two accelerators in which Luis and his team have excelled, and I have been impressed with their traction in the U.S. and Mexico.

Alec P. Karys Mentor at eLearning Industries Ltd - MYeTutor

I am very impressed with Luis and his team. They are focused and I am confident in their success....