General Terms and Conditions for the AYO Scaling Africa Series

Below are the general Terms and Conditions and information to assist you in completing your application successfully. TERMS & CONDITIONS - The SAIS and its partner, AYO Technology Solutions, reserve the right by its sole discretion not to accept entries should they have been made by illegitimate, suspicious, and/or unqualified participants. Additional documentation may be requested during the review process as proof of information provided in the application. - Fully completed application forms will be reviewed. Any entries with missing information will be automatically disqualified. - Any entries that do not meet the criteria will be automatically disqualified. - Entrants to ensure concepts are protected - the programme is not fully non-confidential. Concepts will be viewed by the public and therefore important to not divulge the know-how e.g. formula, code etc. - By entering the programme, you give the SAIS permission to use images and profiles on social media, website and other relevant platforms to facilitate your company's market exposure. COMPETITION INFORMATION: The entry form questions are largely multiple choice and they are designed to enable potential investors to assess the investability of your business. 1. General Information - basic information about founders and the company 2. Growth Potential & Industry Experience - revenue and business plan 3. Market Dynamics - product competitiveness and market analysis You will be notified of the outcome of you application when entries close after 31 May 2020.


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Start-Up Concept Guide: