Ayush Agrawal

Ayush Agrawal

An enthusiastic engineer trying to mark his presence by creating high class product to be used by large group of users.
Back End Dev • Product
Bhubaneshwar, India
  • Market Penetration
  • PHP Applications
  • Product Development
  • SEO
  • Team Management
  • Web Applications
LectureNotes Technologies Pvt Ltd

CEO @LectureNotes Technologies Pvt Ltd • Co-Founder

A highly efficient tool for the teachers to improve learning outcome

Amazing things Ayush's made
During my BTech first year, I built an Image processing engine that can detect traffic signal and lane marking on the road and guide the vehicle to follow traffic rule. I was one of the 6 finalists at the IIT-KGP techfest.

Was awarded KVPY fellowship for my algorithm called Quick Sine Calculation Technique which could calculate trigonometric values 1000 times faster than conventional methods on an 8bit microcontroller with an accuracy of 99.96%.

Have worked under the guidance of Prof. S. A. Khaparde at IIT Bombay on Load dispatch scheduling and implementation of Smart Grid. I was working to create an Intelligent model using Artificial Intelligence.

Have worked under Prof. K. R. Padiyar at IISc, Bangalore on Predictive fault correction on Electrical Systems.

Have built an intelligent game which learned from users behaviour and improve itself with every iteration. It was impossible to defeat the algorithm after 12000 iterations.