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Balaji Viswanathan

MS in Comp Sci [AI specialization], MBA, ex-MSFT developer, most followed on Quora, , created Be Limitless plugin, social media junkie
Front End Dev • Marketing
Bangalore, India
  • Product Management
  • Programming
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Windows

Zingfin • Co-Founder

Zingfin is a suite of investment research tools targeted at asset managers.

Zingfin Technologies Inc. • Co-Founder

Social Sentiments for Smarter Investing

CEO @Invento Robotics • Co-Founder

Humanoid robots with AI capabilities to turbocharge customer interactions.

Amazing things Balaji's made
The Be Limitless plugin that I wrote is among the top rated plugin on the Chrome store. Over 50000 users and 5000 ratings - used in many big companies for productivity improvement.

I built Zingfin - a stock sentiment analytics tool that was funded by Jumpstart Foundry and Boost VC [Time Draper]. The core of it is an correlation analytics engine that does millions of large matrix multiplications.

I have been a developer at the Windows Core OS division and have also been a product manager at Black Duck.

Mitra is a 4.5 feet tall humanoid that is designed to interact with humans through natural ways - voice and vision. It recognizes speech and then converts that to actionable information. We then run our algorithms to both respond to that query through past learning. This is then conveyed through speech output.
Our Mitra was recently selected in NASSCOM Leadership Summit in Mumbai on Feb17th. We have a pilot sale with Canara Bank.

Babson College - Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2012 - 2014

University of Maryland Baltimore County

MS in Computer Science 2004 - 2007

Thiagarajar College of Engineering

BE in Computer Engineering 2000 - 2004

St. Johns HSS

1998 - 2000


Sreenivasan AC recommended Invento Robotics where Balaji is Co-Founder

This is a very good Initiative from Balaji and his team. They are trying to improve the quality of education and learning of Engineering in India by providing hands-on exposure to latest Technology to Engineering students. All the best to their efforts

VVSST AYYAPPA SWAMY THATAVARTHY Software Development Engineer at Kony, Inc. recommended Invento Robotics where Balaji is Co-Founder

Invento is the best makerspace for driving innovation and for building affordable solutions for the society with the help of technical expertise and enthusiasm, under the leadership of Balaji Vishwanathan.

This humanoid robot could revolutionalize the way we treat the computers. It'll make them more accessible to kids and elder people, with the emotional support, it gives a new dimension for technology on legs.