Sorry, due to low numbers we've decided to postpone and rearrange the event

Barclays is really pleased to be hosting a weekend for technology entrepreneurs and creative designers to work together on innovative solutions.

Radbroke Hall in Knutsford, Cheshire, our largest global technology centre, has been at the centre of Barclays mobile product development in 2012 including Pingit and our Mobile Banking solution.

Home to some 3000 technology and operations colleagues during the week, but for one weekend only we are opening our doors for Social Enterprise Weekend.

Doug Ward
Law+ French uni drop out, played for Manchester United FC Under 15s,will buy Manchester United FC. Co-founder of Tech Britain and NightWorld
Julian Bucknall
Shaun Gibson
Ex Nortel apprentice selected out of 10,000. Now co-founder/CEO of Telcom. Also co-founder of community projects Tech Britain & ForwardMCR