Benoit Stefani

Benoit Stefani


CFO @CARFIT • Employee

AI powered car vibration analysis for predictive maintenance

Sep '18 - Present (2 years 7 months)


CFO @Homebox

Saving you time & money on your household bills

Oct '12 - Sep '18 (5 years 11 months)


🚘 Cedric BERNARD 🚀 Digital Transformer & Chief Innovation Officer at GROUPE BERNARD recommended CARFIT where Benoit is Employee

CARFIT is a very promising start-up. Working on a daily basis with CARFIT help us to revolutionize 70% of our car dealership business. We are currently working on three challenges :
• UX : Identify car maintenance needs in real time offers a new user experience
• Sales : Predictive maintenance information increases customer loyalty
• Business : Selling the CARFIT sensor help us to optimize our after sales work load. Therefore, we have a better inventory management
Finally, the CARFIT technology give more information of our rentals cars (certified mileage, usage history…) which are crucial information when we want to sell used cars.

Marc Amblard Advisor at Eyeris recommended CARFIT where Benoit is Employee

Tom Meganck Managing Partner at OPHIR Merchant Partners Ltd recommended CARFIT where Benoit is Employee

As a seed investor in CARFIT Corp. we strongly believe in the potential of predictive maintenance for car owners. The CARFIT Pulse will overhaul the relationship with the vehicle, increase the user experience and add significant value to the mobility solution. We recommend that CARFIT Corp. participate in F6S's programs where they will definitely be an interesting addition to the ecosystem.

Marc Amblard Advisor at Eyeris recommended CARFIT where Benoit is Employee

As a 25+ automotive industry veteran and a current advisor to both startups and incumbents in the mobility space, I can attest to the benefits CarFit brings to asset monitoring and predictive maintenance. Corporates have expressed a high interest as the potential for improving car maintenance, from remote diagnostics to predictive maintenance. I recommend that CarFit be able to join F6S's startup program given the its growth potential.

Michael Nunnery recommended CARFIT where Benoit is Employee

As the Marketing Manager for GENIVI who also manages startup programs for the automotive ecosystem and is a mentor to numerous startups with automotive and/or mobility solutions I would highly recommend CARFIT for consideration and acceptance into the f6s program. CARFIT has done some great work that will benefit the automotive ecosystem and vehicle owners. Being able to provide real data for preventative maintenance based on measuring vibrations and movement is very innovative and provides data that is otherwise not easy to come by. I recommend CARFIT to your program where they can continue to create and bring even more innovative ideas and solutions serving the future of automotive.