We design and build easy-to-use wearable analytic devices and analysis software platforms that output objective metrics for clinicians in the physiotherapy and sport science space. Our technology will reduce the use of subjective metrics in patient monitoring and ultimately expand to at-home patient monitoring (telemedicine) for custom rehabilitative care and training optimization. We strive to enable healthcare facilities to improve patient outcomes through personalized, objective data tracking thereby allowing them to compete more effectively for reimbursement budgets and attract top clientele from elite sport clubs.

Our current primary focus is a pair of high-tech pants, the GAITKeeper. the GAITKeeper is motion capture laboratory and multi-modal EMG sensor system micro-embedded into a wearable textile that a patient can wear and perform dynamic, functional motions in. Our proprietary analysis software platform links the dynamic movements to exactly what is happening internally ...
We design and build easy-to-use wearable analytic devices and analysis software platforms that output objective metrics for clinicians in the physiotherapy and sport science space. Our technology will reduce the use of subjective metrics in patient monitoring and ultimately expand to at-home patient monitoring (telemedicine) for custom rehabilitative care and training optimization. We strive to enable healthcare facilities to improve patient outcomes through personalized, objective data tracking thereby allowing them to compete more effectively for reimbursement budgets and attract top clientele from elite sport clubs.

Our current primary focus is a pair of high-tech pants, the GAITKeeper. the GAITKeeper is motion capture laboratory and multi-modal EMG sensor system micro-embedded into a wearable textile that a patient can wear and perform dynamic, functional motions in. Our proprietary analysis software platform links the dynamic movements to exactly what is happening internally in the patient's muscles. Correlating the external load with the patient's internal muscle patterns gives clinicians better objective metrics to make diagnostic decisions.

We have been working with a top physiotherapy facility in the Northern Netherlands called "MCZ Groningen." This clinic treats the general populous (arthritic pain in elderly patients to injured teenagers playing sports) as well as elite athletes such as futbol players from FC Groningen. Peter Eppinga (CEO of MCZ Groningen and Lead Medical Staffer at FC Emmen) said that this is "the holy grail" of training optimization and rehabilitation. We are working with Wouter Welling, PhD (practicing physiotherapist and lead researcher at MCZ Groningen), to integrate our diagnostic device into the battery of tests to better quantify a patient's rehabilitation. He believes that objective data is the future of rehabilitation because he believes MCZ's lower incidence of reinjury (<20%) than the norm (>30%) is due to the objective tracking of patient data practiced at the facility. GAITKeeper would take this objective tracking of patient data to another level by being able to capture all that is happening during functional, natural movement and assess based on normalized, quantifiable metrics.
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Avery Pratt
Avery Pratt Engineer Computer Engineering Student
Dara Nafiu
John Peterson
John Peterson Web Developer
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall Software Developer
Mackenzie Willis
Mackenzie Willis Product Development Engineer
Seongjin Yoon
Seongjin Yoon Web Developer
Oluwadara Nafiu
Oluwadara Nafiu
John Peterson
John Peterson


Pieter Nomden CFO at Launch Cafe B.V.

In the last seven years, I've seen numerous startups in the Launch Cafe which started with an idea and tried to make a company out of it. However, Tanya and Hobey are different, in a good way. And as I see them work, I am rather impressed. The best way to describe it is with "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going".

They could easily find a well-paid job with benefits and also as entrepreneurs setting up a business in the USA would have been easier. However, they came to the Netherlands and to Groningen in particularly leaving friends and family behind. Because they thought that it was the best place to establish their company and make it grow. We do have great startup ecosystem and a strong focus on healthy ageing. Yet they were also capable to connect with the key players, ask the right people for support when needed and get their business running (and their network for them). I have no doubt that they will successfully launch their product/service in the coming years.

Olga Belousova Assistant professor at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

I have known the BlackTop Labs’ Tanya and Hobey for more than a year now. I applaud the team’s decision to move from US to NL to develop and commercialize their product. It shows their great determination and commitment. It also makes a strong case for the EU ecosystem for developing and scaling up health-related products. I believe they are making a strong business case, as also confirmed by the business review panels of our VentureLab program. There is a great need for their offering, carefully crafted in close collaboration with the strong and diverse ecosystem of users, customers, experts, regulators, peers and business mentors they have built around their business in less than a year. I am looking forward to seeing it implemented all across Europe. I applaud their great work ethics and resilience, and even more so – their positive spirit. I am more than happy to recommend them as motivated, enthusiastic and serious entrepreneurs, excellent teachers and mentors, and great people.

Peter Eppinga

As a sport scientist at MCZ Science and a performance manager in the field of sports we often see a gap in understanding underlying injury mechanisms in sports. BlackTop Labs has an open view of the development of new attributes in (sports-) rehab and monitoring. With a critical view on what is allready on the market and what can be of interest to enhance the rehabilitation of sportinjuries and sportperformance they look for new opportunities.

Their internal drive and motivation combined with a scientific approach in their development of a new product is not often seen in our line of duty. Our first data set is promising in finding new pathways in rehab and performance.

Jurryt Vellinga CEO at ItoM Medical

The team from BlackTop Labs is extremely motivated to get their idea to the market and the professional approach they use is a guarantee for success.

Wouter Welling PhD Candidate at Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen

My name is Wouter Welling and I’m working as a sport scientist in the field of sports injuries, especially in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions and return to sport. As we know, one third of the patients will get a re-injury after an ACL reconstruction. Also, only 55% of the patients return to the pre-injury level of sports. Therefore, we are constantly optimizing our rehabilitation and return to sport test methods.

I first met Tanya and Hobey in the summer period of 2018. What I like about their view on rehab, is the innovative part of their product and the drive and passion they both show to understand the mechanism in the human body after an ACL reconstruction. Together, we started to collect some patient data, which results in interesting data and great discussions with Tanya and Hobey. As practitioners working with patients, we believe that the product has great potential. I highly recommend both of them.

Wouter Welling
MCZ Groningen

Eric Fath-Kolmes Better Business Strategy Advisor at Better My Business

I recently got to know Tanya and Hobey at a coworking space in the Netherlands, where they are running their organization from. Their drive and focus is impressive and they regularly tell me about their ongoing testing of their product with clinics and patients. Coming from a business background, I think they are doing the right things for success by being aware of a market that is a good fit for their product (The Netherlands), operating in that region, and continuously ensuring that what they are designing is a fit with what their potential customers need.

I recommend BlackTop Labs, through Tanya and Hobey, and am glad to be working next to them so I can continue hearing about their plans and continued successes.

Aniek Ouendag

Tanya and Hobey brought their business to the Netherlands and developed a network to help establish and develop their business further in a very short time frame. From the concept at the start of their Dutch journey, to testing their product on patients in a clinical setting.
During this development in parallel they further developed and strengthened their business case. I truly believe that BlackTop Labs will make great strides, and highly recommend them.

Aniek Ouendag,
VentureLab International North

Meredith Woodard Project Engineer at NWS Technologies, LLC

I have known both Hobey and Tanya for several years now, and only have the highest admiration for their drive, work ethic, knowledge and experience. They have strong educational backgrounds, but are constantly striving to expand their knowledge in all fields. They are honest and dependable, and some of the most focused, dedicated people I know. I highly recommend them, and guarantee you will not be disappointed if you work with them.

Shawn Trull Sr. Manager Pharmaceutical Sourcing and Analytics at Fresenius Medical Care

Craig Downing Department Head of Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I made Tanya’s acquaintance during the latter part of her undergraduate studies. As Department Head of Engineering Management, I gained an upfront and personal view of Tanya’s professional transformation during her graduate studies. Her goals guided her actions and environment, both personally and professionally. Tanya’s desire to utilize her academic and professional experiences to improve an individual’s quality of life has always impressed me. Rather than taking a well-worn path through an established organization, she and Hobey continue to blaze a trail towards a successful entrepreneurial venture in the biomedical space. I truly believe they possess the technical skills and business acumen needed for the long run. As such, without any reservation, I recommend Dr. Hobey Tam and Ms. Tanya Colonna.

Jeff Groh, BSME, MBA President at New Product Visions LLC

I'm excited about BlackTop Labs efforts to create wearable technology that will improve monitoring and tracking of lower limb co-contraction timing and associated gait characteristics. I met with Ms. Colonna, the CEO, recently to discuss her efforts at building a company and found her especially inquisitive and curious related to my field of expertise in helping small companies create sustainable processes for innovation management. I believe that the dedication, energy and passion that her and her colleagues bring to their endeavor will serve them and their investors well.

Ralph Heredia

Hobey is very impressive and clearly surrounds himself with an equally capable team. He is very focused on balancing the long term goals of a project with the short term critical milestones to ensure success of the program. It's a pleasure working with him on market impacting solutions.

Jon Speer Founder at greenlight.guru

As the founder of greenlight.guru, I got introduced to Tanya and BlackTop Labs a few months ago. When I spoke with Tanya, her passion and drive were contagious. Over the past 18 years, I have worked with numerous medical device startups. However, few have demonstrated the attitude, demeanor, and maturity I have observed from Tanya.

Scott Keller Head Athletic Trainer at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

I first met Tanya in 2007 when she was a pole-vaulter for the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology track and field program. There she was able to balance a vigorous class workload and track schedule to become a 6 time HCAC indoor and outdoor track women’s pole vault champion. She has proven that her ability to perform in the classroom was top notch as well with her many opportunities that she has experienced. It takes a dedicated and passionate person to be able to succeed as highly as she has in both areas. I have followed one of her projects with a team of students here at Rose-Hulman and I am very impressed how hard Tanya is working to introduce new and exciting innovation to the medical field. Through my interactions with Tanya, I know she has the passion and relentless determination to succeed.
Tanya and her team would greatly benefit from the resources that your accelerator program could offer, and I give her my highest recommendation.

Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie Licensing Manager at MUSC Foundation for Research Development

I have known Hobey for many years as a student and fellow entrepreneur. His passion for innovation and "go-getter" attitude has poised him for success. Having done extensive research in the gait rehabilitation and data tracking space, I will agree that there is an unmet medical need that I believe Medusa can address. Having been through a startup accelerator myself, I know how useful they can be, and believe that Hobey and his team will thrive if selected to participate.

Joshua Tucker Cofounder at Designli

My company has worked closely with Hobey over the last year and a half on an IoT software project, and I have always been impressed with his abilities as a project manager, and technical leader. The project we worked on together was technically complex, and required a great deal of coordination between teams of various specialists. Whether is was design of the IoT device prototype with the hardware vendor, building virtual simulators for the device, working on code, QA testing, or planning infrastructure setup, Hobey was always able to get all those moving pieces to align. Those who have been involved in projects like that know it's no easy feat.

Hobey is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him.

Joshua Tucker
COO, Designli.co

Elliot Roth CEO at Spira Inc.

I know Hobey through the University Innovation Fellows program. He has a no-holds barred approach to solving a problem. He'll go to lengths unseen to understand the user, asks deep questions and fully comprehend the problem people face. Black Top Labs is solving a really critical problem of patient outcomes for the hospital system and I wholeheartedly believe Dr. Tam and his team will help solve this problem.

Rebecca DeLegge Board Of Directors at SCLaunch!

Dr. Hobey Tam has been involved in the SCBio community of entrepreneurs for several years. In the early years he volunteered at our statewide life sciences conferences, and spoke and pitched at several more recently. He and his group are doing good and necessary work to improve patient outcomes. In medicine, that is the first and most important goal. I am proud of what they are doing at Blacktop labs and commend them on their progress with Medusa.

Naren Vyavahare Professor at Clemson University

I have known Dr. Hobey Tam for the past four and half years. I have closely followed his development as an independent scientist in the cardiovascular engineering and regenerative medicine fields. I have been mentoring faculty and students for last 20 years and directing a tissue regeneration center for last eight years at Clemson. I can definitely say he is one of the top 1% mentees I mentored in terms of his scientific curiosity coupled with his ability to find practical solutions to the problem at hand. He has a strong business mind and always thinks of practical solutions. His innovative ideas led to the filing of a patent for novel crosslinking chemistry for stabilizing bioprosthetic heart valves. Hobey is also a very passionate teacher. He has mentored 3 undergraduate researchers in my laboratory and they praise his leadership.
Naren Vyavahare, Hunter Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioengineering, Clemson University

Erik Hayes

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tanya and Hobey since they first arrived at Rose-Hulman nearly 10 years ago. They have certainly received a world-class education, but what separates them from most are the things that can’t be taught at college. I have been extremely impressed as the two of them immersed themselves in their endeavors both in, and beyond, the classroom. Their determination, work-ethic, ability to engage their peers and faculty, and unwillingness to settle for anything short of their goals are going to continue to serve them well throughout their careers. I have been particularly impressed with how well they work with each other, as well as others that are engaged in their projects. If included in your next accelerator cohort, I’m absolutely confident they will exceed expectations; they’ve been doing that for as long as I have known them. I give them my highest recommendation.

Erik Z. Hayes
VP for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Tom Mason Professor Emeritus of Economics and Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology

I am writing to very strongly recommend Tanya Colonna and Hobey Tam and their promising entrepreneurial efforts. Like other Rose-Hulman (ranked #1 for engineering-US News) graduates, they have the "right stuff" for successful innovation. Tanya has a wonderful pleasant, cooperative manner, but she also has strong passions for learning and innovation and extreme determination that will propel her success and inspire others. The business is focused on a huge and growing market that badly needs data for patients using exercise to battle Parkinson's and physicians trying to understand it. Thus, there are significant quick and follow-on opportunities.

Marcel Muenster Co-Founder at Doctor in Your Pocket

I met Tanya while she lived in Boston in 2014 and have observed her transition from corporate to startup life. Through our interactions, it has been made evident that she is passionate, authentic, and believes in what she works towards.
She and her business partner are strategic business developers who utilize their holistic viewpoints, advisor inputs, and global perspectives in a quick and proactive decision making process. Last February, they were advised to focus their value proposition. By May, they had a clearly defined niche market, strategy to scale, an expanded advisory network, and had hired 7 interns to execute their product vision.
Through my personal network, I know former advisors and participants of Startup Bootcamp. I believe this environment will allow them to validate their ideas and access growth opportunities, catalyzing BlackTop Lab’s pathway to market. I highly recommend this team for your next accelerator class.
Best Regards,
Marcel Muenster
CEO & Founder

Eva Andrijcic

I have known Tanya since 2013 when I started teaching. Tanya stood out from other talented students because of her leadership potential and grit. She is resilient, resourceful, has integrity, and possesses an incredibly wonderful personality that enables her to communicate easily with everyone. Tanya has sacrificed many things in life to fulfill her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, and she has fearlessly pursued her passions. I have no doubt that any project that she is involved with will become a success because of her great management and leadership skills. Tanya and Hobey have been very creative in finding ways to advance their product development process. They have hired several engineering students for a summer internship program to help with product development process and they have also obtained assistance from experienced entrepreneurs. They would greatly benefit from the resources that your accelerator program could offer them, and I give them my highest recommendation.

Ken Morgan President at DGD Technologies

Hobey and Tanya possess two key attributes of successful entrepreneurs – passion for what they are creating and an unrelenting drive to succeed. I have been working with them as a member of an experienced mentor team since September of 2016. They have managed to significantly advance their product design in a highly cost-effective manner utilizing undergraduate engineering student interns. This demonstrates both financial acuity and excellent project management skills. Recently they have made numerous significant connections with key opinion leaders in the application area for their device through a dogged determination in the key skill area of networking.
I highly recommend Blacktop Labs for your next accelerator class. They will benefit greatly from the infrastructure, resources and connections you offer as they take the next steps in commercializing a system that has the potential to improve patient outcomes while containing costs.

Best Regards,
Ken Morgan

Joe Gibson Founder at Business Advisor

I have known Hobey and Tanya for a couple of years as they have started BlackTop Labs. They are bright, hard-working, and driven to succeed and combine strong technical backgrounds with good people skills. This is not a common combination. They actively solicit feedback and listen, even when it is a difficult message. They have been very creative in developing their initial product in order to bootstrap their business. A good accelerator program would be extremely beneficial for them and their business. The interaction with other developing businesses and mentors would give them insight and knowledge to drive their business forward. I can highly recommend them for your accelerator.
Joe Gibson
Business Advisor

Mark Smith CEO at Innegra Technologies

I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Hobey and Tanya as part of a mentoring program sponsored by the Greenville Chamber as they have developed their business plan and execution strategy for BlackTop Labs. They are two extremely bright and focused young leaders with a tremendous amount of passion and energy. They have been very thorough and diligent in their analysis of the market and product options and have done a great job of working with their design team to modify the product to best fit the market. I have found both of them to be extremely coachable and appreciate the way the respond to suggestions and critique with grace and a desire to grow and learn. They would benefit tremendously from a focused, accelerator program where they would be surrounded by people with differing backgrounds and connections enabling them to validate and expand their ideas. I recommend both of them with complete confidence

Mark Smith
Innegra Technologies

David Orr

The principals of BlackTop Labs, Tanya and Hobey, bring high energy passion to their entrepreneurial endeavors. To date, they have moved their company forward through efficient bootstrapping, such as engaging undergraduate engineering design teams to develop discrete portions of the end product. These efforts combined with the pair's tenacity to execute have put BlackTop Labs in a position for rapid growth under the right conditions. Infrastructure and entrepreneurial climate are key elements feeding the greatest startup regions of the world. Infrastructure and climate are exactly what BlackTop Labs needs for their next big leap in product commercialization to move toward market launch. A top accelerator program could provide these elements and help push this team to become a leader in healthcare diagnostics.

It is my sincerest compliment to recommend the team of BlackTop Labs for inclusion in your next accelerator cohort.

Kind regards,

David E. Orr
VP, Strataca Systems