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Saviour to watch industry. IoT to monitor and improve fitness via unique connected devices, starting with an analog smart watch....
Saviour to watch industry. IoT to monitor and improve fitness via unique connected devices, starting with an analog smart watch.
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ABHINAV SAXENA Research Scientist, techgeek
Atul Priyadarshi
Atul Priyadarshi Tech-enthusiast, IoT developer, and filled with Can Do It attitude


Manish Gupta

I believe they can do

Vibhore Sharma Co-Founder at Blume Venture Portfolio

The product looks exciting.

Akash Jain

A wonderful idea being worked upon by a very capable and hard working team..

Harshdeep Arora

Eagerly looking forward for getting the "Bliss". I know founders of this product for very long time and they have an ability to do magic with their products.

All the very best to Bliss Team for their successful launch.

rohit B

This looks like the most promising combination of a smart watch (switch watch + indian technology) . Good Luck!

Vaibhav Gupta

Analog Watch + Smart Features = A really COOL,UNIQUE and a SIMPLE product which majority in the world needs. Waiting eagerly for its launch. All the very best Sanjay Sir.

Nikhil K Co-Founder at N{}MADS

Great concept that would revolutionize the upcoming IoT market. Hope it makes a great start. Wishing them all the best.

Bahetigroup Eltech

Excellent concept...

Neeraj Madan

Its an awesome concept. Looking forward yo having it for myself and for my father. Lovely. Never thought a watch could do so much. Keep it up guys.

Jaiprakash Sadhwani Currently my role is operations handling,connecting with passionate mentors, collecting profiles. at Opensky Ventures

Brilliant concept! All the best to the amazing team of techies changing the way we experience BLISS.

kumar shubham

Concept of Smart analog watch is really unique. Kudos Bliss team, waiting for your first product launch.

Vaibhav Vijay

Awesome concept. Great future ahead and seems to have a genuine idea which actually can go distances. Market right now offers many wearables which one can wear while working out but Bliss has went many more steps ahead by providing a fusion of wearable tech and luxury watches which can be wore while being at office, parties and at leisure.
Waiting for their launch. All the best Bliss!!

Sachin Bansal

Sanjay you are again going to achieve another milestone in innovation and making things happen in a very professional manner...As the brand name ' bliss ' itself means divinely perfect, so is the product truly featured with perfection with respect to its usage and looks...all the very best!! You are a true inspiration of hard work...keep it up!!!

Suruchi Mittar

I know Sanjay from a long time. His hard work and perseverance to achieve commendable.His strong ability to achieve only perfection is admirable. Its a bliss health centri watch with IOT concept which is interesting. I think Sanjay and his team can do magic and turnaround things to make India Proud. best wishes

Gaurav Taxali

I personally salute and give standing ovation to entire team of Bliss for conceiving and offering a simple and hybrid health centric solution in form of an elegant Bliss smart watch. I am very excited and eager to wear the watch because of its excellent features and look. Again thumps up to entire Indian team for making us a proud Indian and look forward to more IOT solutions too often from Bliss end. Kudos.

Abhi Jain

A great concept...keep up the good work

Rahul Kakkar

This is the great site to learn about and buy watches , there are watches available quite impressive features and carry quality gear .Concept are very interesting.I also want to have watch on my wrist because of it's fantabulous look and mainly it's features.
Good luck in your future endeavours!

Roopak Gupta

I recommended Srishti Technet Pvt. Ltd. (Bliss)

Saksham Jain Co-Founder at Comune Team

I have been very close to the development team of Bliss and I have seen the product through the very initial stages of building. Bliss Watch excels both technically and creatively. It is has been designed keeping the needs of every age and class. I hope to see it lined up soon for the mass production and I am waiting for the opportunity to be one of the first to have a hand on it.
Best of luck, Bliss Team

Puneet Gupta

Having known Sanjay Goel for over 20 years now, his commitment to work and determination comes from his strong family roots where his joint family has been together for years and that is one of the reason to come up with not just good but workable ideas like Bliss. I wish him good luck and I am sure he will do well like his other ventures. Puneet Gupta

Venupriya Asopa

Not just a watch but your complete activity monitor, Bliss ensures a healthier life!

Ambrish Bajaj

I know Sanjay and some in his team for a long while. Sanjay is an expremely hard working and go getter guy who has the ability to think grounds up on a new business model and execute it. He also has a strong ability to inspire people to achieve a vision. He carries within endless perseverance to achieve a goal. He is a serial successful entrepreneur and has proven track record. With Bliss, he is trying to do something which is quite different from transitional mobile/smart gear ventures. Bliss envisions to keep the core and traditional value of important gadgets like wrist watch very simple and using technology to build smartness into such devices. By doing this, the devices simply don't overwhelm users (and make their already complicated lives more complicated) but become their useful companions.
Basically, using technology not for the heck of it, but in order to make our and close ones' lives better. All the best Sanjay and team bless.

Abhishek Bhatt

Lets convert a simple watch wearing habit into a holistic living experience. Connected healthcare for all. Add time to life. Way to go BLISS..!!

Gaurav Taxali

All the best.

Gaurav Goswami

We recommend srishti technet pvt ltd.

Rajshri Goel

Can't wait to have this watch.
Please support and get it launch.
A noble watch, is how I define it as a doctor.